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Homeschooling Teen – April 2017

Happy April! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at! —————————— Homeschooling Teen Profile Lizzy LeDuc: Filipino-American Gymnast Lizzy found that being homeschooled was an advantage when she became a serious gymnast. —————————— Homeschool Friendly College Bryan College: Christ Above All Bryan College, a highly ranked, fully accredited Christian liberal arts college […]

Homeschooling Teen – February 2017

Happy February! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at! —————————— Homeschooling Teen Profile Angela Clayton: Self-Taught Teen Sews Amazing Costumes Her impressive designs are inspired by history, fantasy, and Disney. —————————— Homeschool Friendly College Erskine College: Knowledge Joined with Morals Erskine College is a homeschool-friendly private Christian college in South Carolina. […]

Homeschooling Teen – January 2017

Happy New Year! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at! —————————— Homeschooling Teen Profile Felicity Wilcox: Winter is Coming Did you hear about the 13-year-old homeschooler accused of trademark infringement because her artwork contained the phrase “Winter is Coming”? —————————— Homeschool Friendly College Abilene Christian University ACU is a diverse, welcoming, […]

Homeschooling Teen – December 2016

Happy December! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at! This month we have an exclusive homeschool author interview, STEM gifts, steps to developing good habits, the link between SAT scores and music, electoral college info, plastic rock demo, and much more! Wishing you all a joyful holiday season! —————————— Homeschooling Teen […]

Homeschooling Teen – November 2016

Happy November! This month’s issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online. Read all of these articles and more at! —————————— Homeschooling Teen Profile Marli Tague: Lumerit Scholar Marli earned dual credit for high school and college while participating in international missions work. —————————— Homeschool Friendly College George Mason University GMU was named after George […]

Homeschooling Teen – January 2016

Happy New Year! The January issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at! The featured teen this month is Moshe Kai Cavalin. He was homeschooled until he started college at age 8! People call him a genius but he insists he’s not. He says he just works hard and doesn’t waste time. In another […]

Homeschooling Teen – September 2015

The September issue of Homeschooling Teen is live! View this month’s magazine at! This month’s featured homeschooling teen is McKennaugh Kelley, former Homeschooling Teen columnist and founder of APPOINT, a pro-life organization run completely by young people. You may remember that Katie Dodd wrote her final “Country Girl’s Knowledge” column in June. Now Katie’s […]

Homeschooling Teen – July 2015

Happy July! Have a fun 4th! Welcome two new columnists this month! Aria will be contributing a variety of articles from a Christian perspective; while Grace will write about leadership, holistic health and wellness. Our featured homeschooling teen is world traveler Hannah Miller, aka “Edventure Girl.” Do you know the difference between a Bible Institute, […]

Homeschooling Teen Magazine – April 2014

Happy April! We have lots of great articles for you this month at! From Missions and Music, to Money Management and much more– you’re sure to find something of interest! In This Issue: Homeschooling Teen Profile Effie Carlson: The New Elephant in the Room Homeschooled until college, Effie is a small business owner and […]

Homeschooling Teen Magazine – March 2014

Happy March! We have lots of great articles for you this month at! From current events to saving money… essays and poems… book, game, and movie reviews… you’re sure to find something of interest! And if there is a particular post that you enjoy reading, please leave a comment for the author. They like […]

Homeschooling Teen Magazine – February 2014

Happy February! We’re still working out a few of the bugs in our brand new site, but if you receive this, it means that you have successfully subscribed and will be notified of each new issue of Homeschooling Teen Magazine as soon as it’s published on or around the 1st of each month! If you […]


It’s hard to believe that Homeschooling Teen magazine is five years old already! Being part of the incredible coming-of-age of the homeschooling teen community has been an honor and a privilege. There is a great deal to be learned from your homeschooling teen peers. I am so thankful for all of the readers who have […]

Introducing Our New Student Editor!

My name is Sarah Millard, and I am a high school senior who has been homeschooled for nine years. Ever since I could grip a pencil, I have loved writing. Fiction and memoir-like essays are my favorite things to write, but I also enjoy doing literary analyses, and even a little poetry on occasion. I aspire […]