Homeschool Friendly Colleges & Universities

homeschool friendly colleges and universitiesThe United States leads the world in higher education, with more than 4,000 institutions of the most diverse kind— state, private, secular, and religious. Hundreds of colleges and universities all over the nation accept home educated students, and some even actively recruit them. Such institutions have come to value these intelligent, responsible young people because of their maturity, creativity, disciplined study skills, independent thinking skills, and enthusiasm for learning.

Formal transcripts, diplomas, or GEDs are not always required, particularly at the community college level. However, if you are concerned about meeting college admission requirements, there are correspondence courses and online academies that will do the record keeping for you and issue official transcripts and diplomas.

Some homeschoolers take their high school classes at the local community college and thus receive a transcript from the college for those courses. Those students who take enough community college classes to receive an AA degree are then automatically considered transfer students by the university.

Homeschooling Teen magazine provides detailed descriptions of many homeschool friendly colleges and universities around the country. Find the right one for you!

Click here:  Homeschooling Teen Guide to Homeschool-Friendly Colleges

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Attention Students & Parents: If you are a homeschool student or parent who has had a good experience with a particular college, please tell us about it! We want to know…

  • What is their attitude toward homeschooled students?
  • Do they actively seek out and recruit homeschoolers?
  • Does the admissions staff have a solid understanding of homeschooling as an educational alternative?
  • Are they familiar with the current laws as they relate to a qualified high school graduate?
  • Are they willing to look at a student portfolio or parent-issued transcript in lieu of an accredited diploma or GED?
  • Do they have a staff person dedicated to homeschool admissions?

Attention College Representatives: If you are from a homeschool-friendly institution of Higher Education and are interested in being listed, please contact:


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  1. Good morning! We would like to recommend another college for you… Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato MN. It is a four year school with solid Christian values. They accept portfolios and encourage homeschool students. I believe 2 of the past 3 or 4 year full-ride scholarship recipients have been homeschooled. I recommend you contact Dean Westphal.

  2. Our homeschooled daughter has just been accepted to Bethany for the Fall of 2009. Great school!

  3. As a homeschooled teenager, I would like to suggest your female readers check out Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, in Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN. I have just been accepted there with top scholarships.


    1. Whao!congrats Margy! How did you do it, I mean did you pass CLEP tests? I would really love to know your experience thus I just have 1 or 2 friends and their busy, and no siblings, its a long story. I just turned 15 last month and I’m really having a hard time in College Algebra any tips? 😀 Thanks!

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