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Letter from the Editor – May 2021

Happy May! As the old familiar saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”

James Laberee : Gifted Linguist Overcame Seizure Disorder

As a baby, he was stricken with 100 seizures a day, and not expected to reach his first birthday. Now he’s a teen with a gift for learning languages.

Harding University: Patriotic, Conservative, Christian

Harding University is a conservative, Christian, “Best Value” college known for its American Studies Institute.

Teaching Your Teens Healthy Friendship Habits

There are many subtle ways that you can quietly prepare your teenager to navigate the tricky world of friendships.

Helping Kids Enjoy Piano Through Jazz – And Boosting Academic Progress Too

Jazz piano music offers a technically challenging creative outlet with academic benefits.

The Princeton Review’s “Best Value Colleges 2021”

The #1 public and the #1 private colleges offering the best Return on Investment and some amazing stats about these schools.

How Online Schooling Can Prepare Students for a Successful Career

The skills that you learn through online schooling will likely be a key factor in your future success.

Forgiveness is a Phoenix

In my poem, "Forgiveness is a Phoenix," I use the legendary bird to symbolize the concept of forgiveness.

How Long Would It Take to Walk on the Moon?

NASA has suggested that it is possible for humans to maneuver much faster on the moon than the Apollo astronauts did.

When Writing is Bad

An author may write a book to make sense of their own questions and thoughts, their own hurt and grief, their own emotions. But the thing is, what you read affects you.

BrainPOP Exposed for Pushing Leftist Ideologies

Jonathan Koeppel, a teacher, has exposed BrainPOP, a popular online teaching tool for children, as pushing leftist ideologies like Critical Race Theory.

Ideas to Get Your Kids Outdoors this Summer

For the parent that is trying to avoid the influence of screens and tablets in favor of old-fashioned outdoors fun, take a look at these ideas.

Goodbye, and God Be With You

Do you know the real meaning of the word Goodbye?

Advice Paradise: Christians, Police, and Science

Advice Paradise is a column where you can ask questions, read our answers, and offer your own advice!

E3 2021 Will Take Place as a Free Virtual Conference

E3 2021 will be virtual -- and free -- in June. You don’t even have to fly to LA! So if you’ve always wondered what it was like, now’s your chance to find out.

Pros & Cons of the Hyperconnected Life

Today’s teens and young adults have been raised in a world that’s hyperconnected. How does it – and how will it – impact their lives?

Guide for STEM Students with Autism

UT Austin has launched a new online resource, The Ultimate Resource Guide for STEM Students with Autism.

$500 Scholarship for Medical Assistant Students

A Medical Assistant Scholarship will help pay for your future healthcare career.

Ten Psychological Disorders Explained

The first step in the treatment of psychological disorders is recognizing that a problem exists.


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