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Mark Macluskie: Autism is Not My Identity

“I would hope that most people ultimately pick what works best for them, just like homeschooling worked for me.”

Beyond the Classroom: Resources for Homeschooled and Unschooled Teens

Parents looking to prepare teens for their lives ahead, can find a wealth of educational resources beyond the classroom.

Drive Smart Teen Digital Short Contest

Teens, create digital short videos to help educate your peers about the dangers of driving distracted, and enter for a chance to win $10,000!

Six Common Scholarship Myths Debunked

What is the truth behind the most common myths about scholarships?

An Introduction to Christian Worldview

An Introduction to Christian Worldview provides an excellent basis for worldview studies.

Spartanburg Methodist: A College that Works for You

Spartanburg Methodist is a homeschool friendly residential junior college.

7 Tips for Creating an Individual Development Plan for College

If life is like a road trip then your individual development plan is like your GPS.

Getting a Job with a Disability

How to get a job if you have a disability.

How to Read the Word

We must read and understand, to restate, describe and interpret the Word of God.

The Parable of the Sadhu

After encountering a dying pilgrim on a climbing trip in the Himalayas, a businessman ponders the differences between individual and group ethics.

The Mosquito Coast: a Novel Movie

How far should a man go to find his dream? Allie Fox went to the Mosquito Coast. He went too far.

Only the Brave: The True Story of the Yarnell 19

“It’s not what stands in front of you… it’s who stands beside you.”

Manny’s Bike Wheel Fire Vortex

Manny made his own bike wheel fire vortex from Colin Furze’s “This Book Isn’t Safe.”

Think Space Exploration Is Exciting Now? Wait Until You See What’s Coming

Several new space exploration proposals are on the horizon. Which ones do you like best?

Fabmarks Can Help You Get Fabulous Marks

FabMarks is an open resource library for standardized test prep online (SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.).

Heating Pads for All Seasons

The traditional heating pad has been used for ages. Today, there are many different kinds and you can even make your own.

Tweak Your Exam Technique Infographic

Here is a realistic approach to the last 24 hours before an exam.


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  1. Hello!! Are all of you homeschooled for real!! It is so cool to have found this webpage especially for homeschooled teens!!!!

  2. Harrah! You do exist – an online mag made for and by homeschool teens. THANKYOU!

  3. This looks like a great site. Is it current?

    1. Yes, we publish a new issue once per month, on or around the first day of each month. Sign up for the free e-zine so you won’t miss any!

  4. Glad I found this website!

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