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Homeschooling Teen magazine seeks to create and maintain an excellent selection of original, high quality content for our readers. Guest post submissions are always welcome if it’s about a topic of interest to homeschooled teenagers. Popular topics include: Books, Movies, Games, STEM, Technology, Homeschooling, High School Courses, Extracurricular Activities, Field Trips, Travel, Health and Fitness, College and Careers. You do NOT have to be a homeschool teen, homeschool graduate, or homeschooling parent to submit a guest post. Please send your article for consideration to: (If you are a homeschooler and would like to write for us on a regular basis, please click here.)


We believe that students should do their own assignments, so we cannot accept any article or guest post with links to do my homework, write my essay, take my online class, or any other site that enables academic dishonesty, either as part of the text or hidden in the content or in the author’s byline/bio. Likewise, we don’t accept submissions linking to sites of any kind that we perceive as unethical, immoral, unhealthy, offensive, or of questionable legality. No exceptions!

About Homeschooling Teen

Homeschooling Teen is an online monthly magazine. We accept submissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. However, the articles for each issue are all published at the same time on the first day of each month (unless it’s a weekend or holiday; then it may be the next business day). Since we are not a daily blog and only publish one issue per month, we only have room for a few guest posts per month. Articles are published in the order in which they are received. (This means the actual article, not just a proposed article idea.) If we run out of space in one issue, any remaining articles will be saved for the following month.

Although sometimes we might be able to accept an article at the end of the month if there’s still space left, it’s best to submit your article between the 1st and 15th of this month if you want it to be published on the first day of next month. (Don’t worry, if you miss the deadline, your article will be first in line for the next issue. So feel free to submit your article at any time, and we will schedule it for the next available opportunity.)

To improve your chances of being accepted, your post should be on one of the following topics: Homeschooling, High School, College, Careers, Technology, Educational Games, Teen Health, Modest Fashion, Travel & Recreation, or another subject of interest to homeschooling teens. Within these categories there are numerous article possibilities; i.e., articles about college might include such titles as “How to Obtain Financial Aid,” “Study Tips for College Students,” or “Decorating Your Dorm.”

Did You Know…? Infographics, cartoons, poems, and short stories are also accepted, but they still must relate in some way to our magazine’s theme of homeschooling teens.

Please be sure to read our submission and formatting guidelines before you submit your article.

Submission Guidelines

All material submitted to Homeschooling Teen magazine must conform to the following requirements in order to be eligible for publication:

  • All material must be the original creation of the submitting author, who must also hold full rights to the work they are submitting without any third party controlling interests.
  • All material must be submitted directly by the first-party originator or author of said material, or by an agent legally licensed to represent them.
  • All material submitted must be previously unpublished in any form in any medium (including but not limited to other magazines, websites, and blogs).
  • All facts, quotes, and references in an article are subject to verification. Inability to provide sources of facts and quotes cited in your article may disqualify it from publication.
  • If you refer to other articles or images, proper credit must be given to the original owner.
  • One or more links may be included in the article content and/or author bio, as long as they link to reputable sites.
  • All articles must be submitted with as few typos and grammatical errors as possible. A typo will not disqualify a submission from publication, but numerous careless errors in a submitted draft reflect a lack of quality writing and may disqualify a submission.
  • If your submission is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to make minor edits.

Formatting Guidelines

All submissions to Homeschooling Teen magazine must conform to the following guidelines in order to be eligible for publication:

  • All submissions must be written in grammatically-correct, fluent English.
  • All submissions must be at least 300 words in length (except for poems, cartoons, and infographics). The preferred word count is 500-1000 words. Longer articles may be published in installments.
  • Written submissions may be sent in the body of an e-mail, as an attached .doc or .docx file, or as a Google Docs link. Submit to:
  • Photos, cartoons, and other images can be sent as an attached .png or .jpg or link.
  • For infographics, you may send a link from which the graphic can be retrieved.
  • Please see the sample below for more details about what to include in your submission.


Here is an overview of what to include in your article. It may look complicated, but we’re actually pretty lenient. 🙂

Article Abstract (optional)

Write a brief summary that will attract a reader to click through to the full article. (Length limit is 150 characters including spaces.)

Article Title

Write a catchy title for your article that includes the most important keywords. (Descriptive titles and keywords introduce the content of the article and contain the main words and phrases that readers will search on, which will optimize your article on search engines and ensure that your article can be easily found.)

Author Name

Please include your real name or pen name, in whichever format you prefer. Examples:

  • By Ann (first name only)
  • By Ann S. (first name and initial)
  • By A. Smith (first initial and last name)
  • By Ann Smith (first and last name)
  • By Ann Marie Smith (first, middle, last name)
  • By Dr. Ann Smith (prefix and name)
  • By Granny Smith (pen name)

Prefer to remain anonymous? That’s okay too!

Article Text

Submit your article in plain text, no fancy fonts or formatting please. (HTML is okay.) You can include one or two “dofollow” links in your article, but the links must be relevant to your content and must not link to anything illegal, suspicious, or otherwise objectionable.

Author Bio (optional)

Many authors like to include a biography written in third person, between 25 and 50 words in length, to be placed at the end of their article. You may include information about your family, hobbies, interests, accomplishments, future plans, things you enjoy doing besides writing, etc. You may include a couple of links, such as to your website or blog. Authors may also include an email address in their bio if they are interested in direct feedback from our subscribers.

Keywords (optional)

Choose an intelligent list of relevant comma-separated keywords or phrases (e.g., a post about the new iPhone6 could be tagged with: iPhone, iPhone6, smartphone, iOS, apple).

Photo (optional)

Want to be featured in our front page article slider? Just attach an original, public domain, Flickr, or stock photo to your submission. The ideal photo will be a horizontal image approximately 600×338 pixels (or scaleable to that size), and it must be relevant to your article content. Please credit the source if necessary, and make sure you have permission to use the photo under a Creative Commons or similar license.

Ready to submit your article? That’s great! Before you do, please take a few minutes to read our publication policy below.

Publication Policy

By submitting your guest post to Homeschooling Teen, you consent to have your article published in the online magazine at under the following conditions:

  • All writing is voluntary. We do not offer any compensation. (Nor do we charge any fees.)
  • If your guest post is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to make minor edits that won’t affect the integrity of your article.
  • Homeschooling Teen will have exclusive rights to your content for 30 days after it’s posted on You as author will retain copyright and following the 30 day period, Homeschooling Teen will retain non-exclusive rights to the content (it will remain on our website) and you are free to seek additional publication (non-exclusively) elsewhere.
  • Homeschooling Teen retains the right to reject or decline for publication any material submitted for consideration at any time during the review process for any reason.
  • Once published, your article will be included in an e-zine sent to our subscribers and featured on the website as a front page headline during the month of publication. After that, it will remain on the site indefinitely, searchable by category and keywords. It will also appear in “Related Articles” lists of posts that share the same tags as your post.
  • Once your article is live, it will be promoted on our Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Your guest post may also be internally linked to in future articles that are related to it, such as for additional reading on a topic.
  • Authors do not have the right to demand removal of, or changes in, material that has been already published on our website. However, you may submit e-mail requests for the same to be considered on an individual basis.
  • If we find that your article contains plagiarism, or the text and/or photo infringes on someone else’s copyright, the offending material will be rewritten or taken offline.
  • Homeschooling Teen will not share your material with any third party or use it for any other purposes without your prior written consent.

Publication Disclaimer

  • All opinions expressed in guest posts and articles are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or the readers. In order to uphold the freedom of speech, we must be willing to consider different points of view in a spirit of mutual civility. If you want to convince people of the merits of your personal perspective in the matter, please be respectful. Hate speech and expletive-laden comments will just get deleted.
  • While we respect the individual views, opinions and beliefs of our authors, and we will not refuse a submission based on a difference of opinion, we will not publish anything that we believe is a lie, immoral, disrespectful, irreverent, inappropriate, hateful, harmful, or of dubious intent. (And please, no links to gambling, cannabis, vaping, or dating sites.)
  • What our authors write is their own, and the authors alone must take full responsibility for their submitted materials. Homeschooling Teen accepts no responsibility for any plagiarized or copyrighted material that we unknowingly publish; however, we will promptly remove the material in question upon request.

Please e-mail all guest post submissions to:


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