Homeschooling Teen – April 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 issue of Homeschooling Teen, a free monthly online magazine for homeschool high schoolers ages 13-19 and their parents. This month’s articles are listed below, and you can read them all at


Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: April 2024

April ushers in a whole month devoted to Spring, enjoying the outdoors, and getting busy doing things.


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Famous Poets Who Were Homeschooled

Did you know that quite a few famous poets were homeschooled?


Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling Rates Continue to Surge – And For Good Reason

Homeschooling is the way to go!


Homeschooling Your Teen

Fun and Creative Homeschool Activities for Moms and Teens

In this blog post, we’ll explore some fun and creative after-school activities that are sure to make both moms and teens happy.



Elon Musk Plans to Open a New University in Texas

Elon Musk’s upcoming university in Austin, Texas is poised to be a hub of innovation and cutting-edge research.


Homeschool Friendly College

The University of Austin

The University of Austin is dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth.



Gen Zers Shunning College to Take Up Traditional Trades

Gen Zers are attending trade schools instead of college, enticed by high-paying jobs and satisfying work.


Product Reviews

Tribesigns Double Desk for Two People

A double desk allows two people to work side by side but still have their own space.


Read the Bible


THE HOPEFUL is the true story of a community whose lives were transformed as they learn what it means to truly wait for Jesus.


Right-Wing Teen

Professor David Clements: “LET MY PEOPLE GO” Documentary

Professor David Clements has produced a documentary titled “LET MY PEOPLE GO,” which critically examines the important topic of election integrity in the United States.


The World Around Us

Just Do It For Yourself And Not For Anyone Else

Embrace the spirit of “Just Do It” for yourself, and don’t depend on the approval of others.


Travel & Recreation

Moving Solo: How to Manage a Move by Yourself

Moving solo? Consider the following tips to successfully manage your move all by yourself.


Health Corner

Navigating Homeschooling Challenges: A Guide to Fostering Teen Mental Health

Homeschooled teens aren’t exempt from the common mental health struggles teen students face.


Teen Tech Talk

Magnets and Electronics

Magnets and electronics—a topic that often sparks curiosity and concern. Let’s demystify it!



Is Nursing a STEM Field?

A nursing student is as much a STEM student as engineering or pre-med students.



Car Detail Calgary Scholarship

Invitation to participate in the Car Detail Calgary Scholarship Program!



Infographic: April Showers Bring May Flowers

When you can’t play outside because of the rain, stay indoors and unleash your creativity!


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Poetry Terms Word Search

Poetry Workshop

Write Your Own Sonnet


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