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Homeschooling Teen Magazine was founded in October 2008 with just one regular teen columnist (Peter) and a few contributors (Carly, Hannah, and Kayla). Since January 2010 we have experienced the rapid growth of our subscriber base as well as a greatly expanded number of columnists– which is great, since we believe there is an amazing amount to be learned from other homeschooling teens! Besides, as Millie said, “Writing for the Homeschooling Teen E-zine has really helped me become a better writer.” Below you will find a list of all our team members including current and past columnists.


Peter (aka Xbolt), our first columnist, is a homeschool graduate who writes about all kinds of cool stuff from anime to zombies. When he’s not busy at college or volunteering at church, he likes reading webcomics, watching anime, listening to Vocaloid music, and playing computer games. Visit his website at

Super Searcher and Dune Jumper take turns writing game reviews. They are both avid gamers and LEGO hobbyists; if you are a TFOL (Teen Fan of LEGO), visit and

Caela writes The Sports Report. She loves watching movies, playing on her computer, and watching sports. Her favorites are hockey, football(soccer) ,and golf. She eventually wants to become a sports journalist.

Emily Rachelle writes “Emily Rachelle Reviews.” You can also find her discussing books, family, media, faith, and life at her blog, Emily Rachelle Writes.

McKennaugh writes about “Laughter, Tears, and Our Teen Years.” She lives in Troy, Pennsylvania with a handful of crazy, creative, but mostly wonderful little brothers.

Madeline writes “The Razor’s Edge” because “I want to help people… We need to be aware of the problems from which our world suffers; if we’re not, we’ll never do anything to fix them.”

Nick has contributed a variety of articles – and poems! His new column is titled “Need a Clue?

Narrelle is a homeschooled teen from West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to writing, she enjoys singing in a choir and playing piano, and loves literature, politics, history, astronomy, and physics. Read “Narrelle’s Column.”

Serenity of “Life is What You Make of It” says “My column will contain everything from poems to drawings as well as articles on life lessons learned, and making big decisions (hopefully the right decisions). I hope reading my column can bring a smile to your face, or help you through a hard time.”

Katie of “Country Girls Knowledge” says “My hobbies are reading, writing, walking, occasionally riding horses, and a lot of other activities. My passions are animals first and then comes writing. I love making random stories up or writing poetry to express feelings. I have a lot of goals in life like finishing college, and opening my own vet clinic and animal shelter. I also want to get one of my stories published. I can get very passionate about things like the government and my beliefs. I like debating, and just sharing what I know. Out of all the subjects in school I’d say History is my favorite, it may be the past but it’s what shaped the world and changed a lot of things.”

Hannah writes a poetry column, “Poems to Ponder,” that “focuses on issues in our society today, whether it be society’s view of beauty versus true beauty, or about promoting your self worth. Everyone is worth just as much as every one else, and in our society I believe that teens don’t feel as though they mean enough. I want to inspire teens to feel better about themselves and to follow their dreams.”

Behind-the-Scenes Contributors:

You may not see their names on any articles, but the following volunteers have made important contributions behind the scenes.

Annaliese is the talented homeschool artist who created the colorful banner at the top of our website and Facebook page.

Sarah, our Student Editor, is a high school senior who has been homeschooled for nine years. She aspires to get a master’s in English/ journalism and go into publishing.

Columnists Emeritus:

While we miss our former columnists, we can still enjoy reading their past articles.

Alannis is our Fun Columnist. She lives in England where she has been homeschooled for over three years now. She likes to write and she loves to bake, take photos, and act. Alannis also enjoys making SFX casualty fake cuts and bruises.

Calvin is our political columnist. He is a devoted Christian, and regularly attends church worship services. Some of his activities include following political stories, reading, playing air soft and video games with friends, and doing school work. Calvin owns, a political site for American teens and young adults interested in politics.

Juliana, a recent homeschool graduate, writes a column on Teen Culture Today. She also has her own Life of Praise blog.

Evangeline, a homeschooler from Malaysia, writes a column on world events. Other than poring over newspapers, her interests are reading, writing, working on Wikipedia, music, and the latest TV shows. Her blog is called Sugarpeach.

Carly writes a “Parallels” column in which she connects historic people, places and events with what is happening in our current culture. Carly has been homeschooling her whole life and would like to have a future in journalism. In her spare time she has a summer catering business, a custom greeting card line, and enjoys dancing – Ballet, Pointe, Ballroom and Celtic.

Rebekah loves reading, writing, or anything that contains a story and a puzzle. Homeschooled all her life, she writes “The Bookshelf” column for Homeschooling Teen. Her blog is called “And a Sweet Sound it Made”.

Catherine writes “Catherine’s Column.” Her interests include (but are not limited to): drawing, writing, movies, books, cooking, and baking.

Millie is the youngest of three siblings. A Christian, she has been homeschooled for ten years and her favorite subject is math. Millie also enjoys reading, writing, cooking, studying, movies, comedy, dancing and exercising. Millie’s career aspirations include either criminal justice or law school. Her articles are full of practical biblical insights.

Libbi is a homeschooler who writes nonfiction book reviews for Homeschooling Teen and also runs her own Life is Funner blog. She likes peacocks, the color pink, hair accessories, and reading biographies.

Michaela writes a monthly “Stepping Stones” devotion for Homeschooling Teen. She says, “I really like the magazine. Its really cool to know that there are other homeschooling teens who have similar views as me.”

Shaniyah is an aspiring journalist who also writes poetry and is working on a novel. She invites readers to send in questions for her advice column, “Ask Nia.”

Ashley has her own advice column in addition to writing about “My Crazy Wacky Life.” If you have questions about life, school, life’s trials, friends, family, etc., please ask away!

MaryssaJoy has a stylish flair for writing about “Your Fashion Signature.”

Aubrey enjoys reading and writing. She would love to become a freelance writer, and is pursuing a writing career. Her column is “His Story, His World.”

Adrianna is a homeschooler from Indiana. She loves to sew and has made Regency ball gowns as well as fleece pet beds. She plays the cello, loves cats, and is passionate about caring for the planet. She recently produced a video on bottled water that won a national award, and she writes informative articles about water for Homeschooling Teen.

Leah has been homeschooled her entire life. She has always loved writing, and plans to one day pursue it (in some form) as a career. Her column, “Generation Lost,” features her views and opinions about what’s going on with teens and young adults in the world today.

Andrew is a life long homeschooler with a love of reading, writing, and video games – which he reviews for Homeschooling Teen.

Devin & Savannah are a homeschooled brother and sister cartooning team who live in North Idaho. Devin wrote to us saying, “I have been subscribed to your Magazine for several months, and a few months ago I saw your want ad for a cartoonist. I have wanted to be a cartoonist for a long time, your ad motivated me to become one.” View their “Know Brainz” series of cartoons.

And finally, Homeschooling Teen Magazine wouldn’t be possible without our moms:

Teri is a homeschool mom, writer, and editor-in-chief of Homeschooling Teen, as well as a writer and webmaster for several other homeschooling websites.

Lori is a homeschool mom and publisher of both Homeschooling Teen and Homeschooling Kids magazines.


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  1. Hello! I am your newest scriber.
    I am so excited about reciving the magazine 🙂
    It sounds really awesome and I have already
    scanned over the past issues!
    Just thought I would tell y’all that you are doing a
    really awesome job.

  2. I would do an interview with Calvin sometime in the near future if he is up to it. I direct a home schooling statewide political action committee dedicated to electing godly candidates in Ohio. We do it through the volunteering of home schoolers across the state. Have him e-mail me. Thanks!

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