Homeschooling Teen – May 2024

Welcome to the May 2024 issue of Homeschooling Teen, a free monthly online magazine for homeschool high schoolers ages 13-19 and their parents. This month’s articles are listed below, and you can read them all at


Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: May 2024

May brings us Homeschool Awareness Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Mother’s Day.


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Jenelle Evans: From Teen Mom to Homeschool Mom

Jenelle Evans, the 32-year-old former reality TV star, announced on April 25, 2024, that she’s made the decision to homeschool her three children.


Homeschooling High School

Going the Extra Mile: How New Homeschool Students Can Benefit From Routine Tutoring

While many homeschoolers may be quick to underestimate the value of resources like a private tutor, there are several benefits of tutoring.


Homeschooling Your Teen

Teenage Driving Mishaps: A Guide for Repairing Fenders to Mailboxes

Got teen drivers? We’ve created this handy guide to help you take care of those inevitable driving mishaps!



Learn How to Successfully Study for the MCAT with This Complete Prep Guide

Do you aspire to a career in the medical field? Check out this guide to preparing for the MCAT test!


Homeschool Friendly College

Andrews University: A Southwest Michigan Christian University

Andrews is the flagship university of the Seventh-day Adventist school system.



Top 10 Biology Careers

If you’re passionate about biology, there are a variety of exciting career paths that you can explore.


Product Reviews

Periodic Table of the Elements Light-up Display [Product Review]

It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Periodic Table of Elements over the summer so you’ll be ready for your upcoming Chemistry class.


Read the Bible

Anne Wilson: REBEL Signed CD Giveaway

Anne Wilson’s REBEL album fuses the heart of Contemporary Christian Music with the sound of Country.


Right-Wing Teen

Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil” Transcript

It is really amazing to realize 60 years ago how accurately Paul Harvey “prophesied” the future condition of the United States!


Health Corner

ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety

What do ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety have in common?


Teen Tech Talk

What is the Dark Web? Everything You Need to Know!

If you’re curious about the Dark Web, explore responsibly and avoid illegal activities!



Tesla Pros and Cons

When considering innovations in clean energy and sustainability, you have to look at the whole picture, not just one part.


Travel & Recreation

A Tale of Two Eclipses

The two recent solar eclipses were a great excuse for our family to take a couple of road trip adventures.



Empowering Tomorrow’s Travelers: Flybasis Scholarship Contest 2024

We are thrilled to announce the Flybasis Scholarship Contest 2024! Submit an essay on “The Future of Travel and Technology.”



Take Care of Your Respiratory Health [Infographic]

Check out this comprehensive guide to respiratory health — an important wellbeing priority that many people overlook.


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