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A Letter to Momo

From the creators of “Ghost in the Shell,” a wonderful anime about a girl coming to terms with the loss of her father.

The Monument Men

No, not the movie The Monument Men. I’m talking about the actual history on those guys that saved priceless art from all over Europe.

Lessons Teens Can Learn From Harry Potter

By Jason Miner The ever popular book and movie series Harry Potter might not be on your top ten list of teachable films, but actually there are quite a few lessons that teens can draw from them. Teens always need a lot of guidance and they will not always accept it from their parents or […]


Now with twice as many exclamation points!! K-On!!is, quite obviously, the sequel to K-ON! I knew by the end of the first season that there would be a sequel. It just didn’t feel complete yet. Naturally, I was right. The first season was about the girls’ first two years of high school, and the second […]


An Anime Review, by Xbolt I watched the movie Inceptionand thought it was a nice piece of work. The premise alone was very interesting. A few weeks later, I watched Paranoia Agent. That was cool. Then, I looked at what else the director had done. Paprika came up, and after reading the premise, I said: […]

Catherine’s Column

By: Catherine Amaris Munoz Hi there, all home-schooling teens! My name is Catherine Munoz. I am a “former” homeschooler from Monrovia, California, USA. I am a graduated homeschooling teen. This is my twelfth column for the “Homeschooling Teen e-zine,” and I am looking forward to sharing more with you all in the future. “A wise […]