UNSUNG HERO: Movie Review & Giveaway

“Family isn’t in the way. They ARE the way.”

If you’re a fan of Rebecca St. James, or if you love the band For King + Country, you have to see their new film in theaters! Buy tickets today to see UNSUNG HERO starting April 26th!


Based on a remarkable true story, UNSUNG HERO follows David Smallbone as he moves his family from Australia to the United States, searching for a brighter future after his successful music company collapses. With nothing more than their six children, their suitcases, and their love of music, David (For King + Country’s Joel Smallbone) and his pregnant wife Helen (Daisy Betts) set out to rebuild their lives from the ground up. This film also shows how a mum’s faith stands against all odds, and inspires her husband and children to hold onto theirs.


Joel Smallbone, Daisy Betts, Kirrilee Berger, Candace Cameron Bure, Lucas Black, Terry O’Quinn, Hillary Scott, Diesel La Torraca, JJ Pantano, Jonathan Jackson, Paul Luke Bonenfant, and more. The real Rebecca St. James even makes a cameo appearance as a flight attendant!


  • Directed by Joel Smallbone
  • Screenplay by Joel Smallbone and Richard L. Ramsey
  • Produced by Luke and Joel Smallbone
  • Executive Producers: Candace Cameron Bure, Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin, Kevin Downes, Tony Young
  • Brought to you by Lionsgate, the studio behind Jesus Revolution and Wonder


Joel Smallbone can sing, but did you know he can also write, direct, and act? In addition to co-writing and co-directing the film UNSUNG HERO, Joel Smallbone stars in it! He portrays his real-life father, David Smallbone – and it’s an extraordinary performance!

In 1991, Australian concert promoter David Smallbone lost a quarter million dollars on Amy Grant’s first Down Under tour, which was a flop. Financially ruined, and knowing he’d never overcome the stigma of that underperforming tour, he took a big gamble and moved his family to the US for a new start.

The Smallbone family settled in Nashville to be part of the Christian music industry. However, what he thought was going to be a good opportunity fell through. The family had no furniture, no car, and no prospects. Despite these setbacks, the Smallbone family persevered, making the most of every day. At least they had a roof over their heads, even though they all had to sleep on the floor.

This movie is about a family’s financial struggle, a father’s personal struggle, and a family pulling together during hard times. The idea that family is the center of your life comes through in this movie again and again. Whatever challenges they face, as long as the mom, dad, kids and grandparents all stay true to each other, they know they’re going to make it.

The Smallbone family’s faith and determination helped them survive. They prayed for miracles and saw them happen in real time. Their journey from financial hardship to industry recognition is also a testament to the support they received from the Christian community. They joined a homeschool group, and the other homeschoolers rallied behind them, as has been our family’s experience in time of need.

With their own dreams on hold, David and Helen began to realize the musical potential in their children. They tried to secure a record deal for their oldest daughter, Rebecca, who was just 14 years old at the time. Rebecca went on to become one of the most successful acts in Christian music history. Two of her brothers, Joel and Luke, formed the band For King + Country in 2007.

This movie shows how the music industry – even the Christian music industry – is a very ruthless business. These young stars rise up and you think they have it made, but you don’t know the heartache and hardship that they had to go through to get where they are today. I must admit, I never was a fan of these particular singers, but I enjoyed this movie immensely and will take note of their music going forward.

Joel did an awesome job playing his father! You can feel the passion that went into creating this film about his family’s life story. You feel the pain of a father who thinks he’s a failure because he can’t provide for his family. You feel the love of a mother who forces herself to stay strong for her husband, as she turns struggles into an adventure for her children. The kids are amazing, too, coming up with clever and creative ideas to help each other instead of whining about not having things.

This movie is rated PG for thematic elements, probably due to the birthing scene. The movie’s runtime is almost two hours. Experience the story behind UNSUNG HERO—a powerful tribute to the importance of family—in theaters everywhere starting April 26th!


“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” –Mother Theresa

The Smallbones arrived in the USA in 1991. Their hardships prepared them for the road ahead.

In 1994, Rebecca released her debut album with Eddie DeGarmo and Forefront Records. After a multi-decade career, she continues to record and tour with a family of her own.

Daniel became Rebecca’s official lighting director. He now shines lights on the brightest stars in the industry.

Ben kept documenting the family’s adventures including music videos and movies with his siblings. He has become an award-winning filmmaker.

Josh followed in his father’s footsteps. He manages the family business to this day, alongside his dad.

Libby is still the beloved little sister. She’s an equestrian, writer, singer, and actor.

After years of waiting in the wings with Luke, Joel reluctantly asked him to form their own duo. Luke reluctantly agreed. They called the band For King + Country.

David went on to manage Rebecca St. James and For King + Country. Together they’ve earned 5 Grammy Awards and performed for over 10 million people worldwide.

Helen is still the glue that holds the family together.

Buy tickets today to see UNSUNG HERO in theaters starting April 26th!


INTERVIEW (with Luke Smallbone)

Official Movie Website: https://unsunghero.movie

Follow For King + Country: http://forkingandcountry.com

Buy Tickets: https://tickets.unsunghero.movie

Get your tickets today to see UNSUNG HERO in theaters starting April 26th!


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