The Abigail Mysteries (Movie Review)

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Abby Broukes is a true-crime podcaster experiencing a crisis of faith. When her neighbor suddenly dies, a real-life investigation lands in her lap. Abby is the only one who suspects foul play. Can a slew of scripture-based clues guide Abby back to her faith and help her solve the mystery?


THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES follows the story of Abby Broukes, who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her baby and subsequent divorce. She moves back to her old hometown and befriends her eccentric neighbor, Ms. Marian Weston. When Ms. Weston suddenly dies, Abby gets wrapped up in a mystery surrounding her death.

Abby’s neighbor is played by Karen Abercrombie, the most versatile actress I’ve ever seen! She’s been in a lot of faith-based films and shows lately. I first saw her in War Room, in which she played Miss Clara. She does a great job playing spunky old ladies.

Abby Broukes (Ansley Gordon) and her friend Matt MacAdams (Bret Green) have a good chemistry. They used to like playing detective when they were kids. Now she is a true-crime podcaster and he is a real-life cop. He comes in handy as a backup when she needs help.

As a Nancy Drew fan, I loved watching THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES! I already liked how the mysterious mood was set in the opening scene. After that, it only took ten minutes to get me hooked on the story! An historic house, a Tiffany lamp, and a book stuck to the shelf are all ideal props for a good mystery!

As a Christian, I’m impressed that Bible verses were used as clues. It’s understandable that Abby has lost her faith due to hardships in her life. She’s reluctant to talk to her grandfather because he’s a pastor. But eventually she does set foot in his church, where he preaches a sermon on relationships and teaches her how to pray.

As an Arizonan, I love that THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES was filmed in the charming historic town of Prescott, Arizona! Finally something good filmed in Arizona! With beautiful aerial shots of downtown! If you’re from the area you may recognize Marino’s Diner, First Congregational Church, and Prescott Tire Pros. The credits also thank Goods from the Garden, Yavapai College, Findlay Toyota, and Sharlot Hall Museum.

The only thing objectionable in THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES is that it seems like whenever Abby is mulling over her problems or trying to pray, she has a glass of red wine. Not sure that’s the right inspiration! But there’s no bad language or impropriety, and any violence or death is offscreen so it’s all very mild for a crime mystery.

THE ABIGAIL MYSTERIES is an hour-and-a-half movie that feels like a pilot for a series, and I wish they would make more. It would be so nice to have a light, wholesome, family-friendly faith-based mystery series to watch.

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