By Tab Olsen

LEARNING TO LOVE is a wholesome, uplifting, family-safe romance movie – as well as a first-rate faith-based production! It stars Ina Barrón and Philip Boyd, along with young actresses Caroline Skye and Zoe Willis. Streaming exclusively on Pure Flix.

At the beginning of the movie, Stephanie Miller is leaving her ex-boyfriend James to start over in Miami, Florida where she moves in with her best friend Mia. Hoping to land a marketing job with an ad agency, Steph accidentally goes to the wrong office but doesn’t realize it. She is interviewed by Harry Carlton, who starts with general questions about her background and experience. She admits that she started as a public school teacher but disliked it.

As it turns out, Harry is a wealthy architect trying to find a live-in tutor to homeschool his two daughters – Rosa, 10, and Bella, 9. After realizing her mistake, Stephanie’s real interview with the ad agency was an embarrassing failure since she showed up late and didn’t have her paperwork because she’d left it in Harry’s office. So, reluctantly, Steph agrees to teach Harry’s two daughters now that her other opportunity didn’t work out. However, sometimes things happen for a reason.

Imagine Steph’s surprise when she reports to work for the first time and finds out that the Carlton family lives in a gorgeous mansion on the beach! And she gets to move into her own poolside home on the grounds! But what happened to Harry’s wife? And whose gold cross pendant was it that Steph found in the desk drawer?

The credits didn’t list the actual filming locations, but the movie appears to be filmed using real home interior and exterior sets in beautiful Miami. It must be nice to walk out your front door and there you are at the beach! The girls’ white schoolroom splashed with cheerful accents of pink, lavender, and aqua looks so light and airy.

It was interesting to see how the girls’ private tutoring sessions were conducted, and I loved the homage to Little Women. Steph is a creative teacher, which must be why she didn’t fit in well at the public school. Along with academic lessons, Steph includes Bible stories and field trips. Judging by the “Education and Religion” book she was carrying, I bet she received her teaching degree from a Christian college.

LEARNING TO LOVE is an enjoyable Pure Flix original movie with a satisfying ending. It has a strong biblical worldview without being preachy. Steph is positive and open in her approach to bringing others to faith through Bible reading, prayer and worship. Although the Carltons (especially the dad and older daughter) hide behind personality facades, Steph’s simple yet deeply sincere Christian faith is contagious. The girls and their father each have their own come-to-Jesus moments, and joy is restored to a hurting family.

I highly recommend LEARNING TO LOVE! It’s a movie that I will definitely watch again!

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