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Something to Stand For

Buy tickets today to see Something to Stand For in theaters June 27th-July 4th!


Join America’s favorite storyteller on an epic journey to the heart of Washington, DC! Drawing from his blockbuster podcast “The Way I Heard It,” this cinematic tour de force will take viewers to the frontlines of the American Revolution, World War II, the Civil Rights movement, and more.

Part mystery, part history—each harrowing tale tells a story you’ve never heard, about the patriots who built our country. From the legendary rebels we call the “Founding Fathers” to unknown Marines of Iwo Jima – these are the Americans who risked everything to build the country we love and call home. The American heroes who gave us… something to stand for!

Something to Stand For will only be in theaters for a week, starting June 27th and playing through July 4th.


If you like true stories with a twist, you’ll love this collection of real-life tales of American heroes, all narrated by Mike Rowe! You may remember Mike from his popular TV show  “Dirty Jobs.” He’s a great narrator and storyteller. Something to Stand For is based on stories from his podcast and revolves around a series of loosely connected anecdotes about a few extraordinary Americans, told in the style of the late great Paul Harvey.

Mike Rowe has taken stories of well-known American figures – and some not so well-known – and uses them to tell the amazing story of our American heritage. These short stories all tie together under a similar theme: when people like you and me stand for something, even just one person can make a difference. It will inspire viewers to know that ordinary citizens throughout the history of our country made a difference because they stood for something. Fundamentally, it’s a celebration of Independence Day, and it’s being released right before the Fourth of July!

History Mysteries

This movie is a totally different kind of movie experience. It’s actually a series of short mysteries about some incredible patriotic Americans. Mike tells a little-known story about a person from history, while you have to try and figure out who it is. I used to read a lot of biographies, but I couldn’t even guess the answer most of the time – and then when he finally said the person’s famous name, I was amazed! So rest assured, there are some really big surprises in store. Something to Stand For brings some of your favorite heroes and role models to life in a way that you’ve never seen them before.

Each story is 9-12 minutes long, taking viewers to a place and time in history from 1776 to the present day. The stories have been brought to life with some very ambitious recreations and adapted for the big screen. They came up with a lot of creative ways to re-enact the historic events without giving away who it was, such as changing time periods to throw us off. Or Mike will do voiceovers in place of the characters themselves speaking, so we can’t recognize their voices. Make this fun movie part of your Fourth of July celebration!

Somebody Had to Do It!

Every person highlighted in this movie is an individual who had the courage to stand for something and make a difference. These men and women from all walks of life should inspire everyone watching. Their life may not even have gone as they had planned, but fate put them in a particular place at the right time. Some of the scenarios bring to mind the butterfly effect. Sometimes a pivotal event in history might never have happened if not for something else that happened previously.

Mike Rowe reverted to his “Dirty Jobs” persona a few times. You might say this film is about the “Dirty Jobs” of history. Somebody had to do it! Caution: This film contains minor language and some suggestive content. As a longtime fan, I’m familiar with Mike’s down-to-earth candor, but I must admit the segment on “Rocky Mountain Oysters” went on a little too long and it was so gross that I was squirming in my seat – until it dawned on me who he was talking about and it turned out to be one of my favorite people!

Patriotism, Not Wokeism

In the movie, Mike Rowe drives his old Ford Bronco around Washington, DC to visit and reflect on some of the monuments and memorials. While there, he often talks to veterans who can personally recall the sacrifice and stories that make our nation great. The monuments aren’t just oversized bronze sculptures, they represent real people who sacrificed and in many cases gave their lives in order to preserve our freedoms and the ability to share what we believe.

But this isn’t just a documentary or a road trip of Mike Rowe visiting monuments and historic sites. The film includes large-scale cinematic reenactments of battle sequences as well as touching moments. I noticed that he put one timely dig in there, paralleling FBI raids of political rivals’ homes to the redcoats searching and seizing the property of our nation’s founders. By the way, the historical scenes that were re-enacted for this movie were filmed entirely in Oklahoma.

This is a movie that celebrates who we are as Americans including our American values and traditions. Rowe reminds us that there are values in our country still worth standing for. It’s nice to have such an outspoken celebrity standing up for the monuments and respecting the stories behind them, a refreshing change from those who would talk about tearing them down and erasing the history of our country. Mike said that his dad was a social studies teacher, and that’s how he got interested in American history.

Buy tickets today to see Something to Stand For in theaters starting June 27th! Don’t wait until July 4th when they’re all sold out!

“It might make a lot of Americans who share my concern about the collapse of patriotism feel better about the country we call home, and the people who paid the ultimate price defending.” –Mike Rowe





Mike Rowe is a writer, narrator, producer, recording artist, Emmy-Award winning TV Host, New York Times Best Selling author, and the CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. His foundation has awarded millions of dollars in work ethic scholarships, and his commitment to reinvigorate the skilled trades is unrivaled. Mike has highlighted hundreds of workers in dozens of essential industries. As the creator and host of the iconic TV series “Dirty Jobs,” Mike is best-known as “the dirtiest man on TV,” but his true calling is storytelling. From “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” to “Returning the Favor,” “The Story Behind the Story,” “Six Degrees,” and “The Way I Heard It,” Mike continues to tap the country on the shoulder and say, “These are people you should know.”


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