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The Mind of Politics

By Nick Maker   Editor’s Note: Nick has been contributing various articles and poems to Homeschooling Teen since December 2012. Now he finally has a column of his own!   Have you ever wondered what’s going on with our president’s mind? What it takes to be the leader or how someone runs the country? I […]

Don’t Let Fear Run Your Life

by Rachel When I first went off to college I did not have the fun time I thought I would have. I thought that going away to college would open up my life, that I would make all kinds of new friends and get involved in activities and just enjoy myself. However, it did not […]

What Has Algebra to Do with Life?

By Sarah Del Rosario Math teachers and parents alike hear the same question from their students and children. They want to know why they need algebra. After all, it does not appear to them that they will use these complex equations and odd symbols anywhere in life. Modern educational theory stresses the importance of taking […]

Greater, by Steven Furtick

Libbi’s Nonfiction Book Review Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life. Do you want a great life? Do you want a great sense of purpose? Anyone could be perfectly happy with a great life. However, why have a GREAT life when you can have a GREATER life? In this lighthearted, truthful and […]


The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Review: Unplanned, by Abby Johnson. Autobiographies are very simple to sort through. Either the author actually had a real and meaningful purpose to share their personal story with the world, or they didn’t. The autobiographies that do are usually worth the time it takes to read them; they age like […]