Is It Hard To Change?

nmakerBy Nick Maker

Oh how I hate it! My mom changes stuff all the time and I have to get used to it. Like my room all changed and my stuff in different drawers, but my room never felt this clean. Also our furniture in different directions from what it used to look like. I really Grinch my teeth with things change, but at the end we get over it, unless someone is a baby who really doesn’t like change.

I agree many people feel the same way as I do, but most of the time it ends up better than what we used to have. Either by our rooms being organized or having more space, it really is sometimes a good thing. Like the saying goes, “don’t knock it till you try it.” Even as infants we don’t like to change, like leaving our mother’s womb and into a new place. That is part of life and we need to handle this as mature human beings.

Now some people can’t really accept change in their life like a new home or a new mother/father. These are the types of change that are hard to adapt to, because we get really close to our loved ones and it’s really hard to get to know someone that you can’t bond with. It’s not entirely their fault; it’s just things happen, not because of bad luck or the universe hating you, but maybe the parents didn’t prepare well to sustain a good future together or they just lost sight of each other. Or maybe the house is too small and broken so it’s time to move on to a bigger, better home. Things like that will always happen and for different reasons even if not the right one.

There are many reasons why things happen to good people who have to change for the worst, but we need to learn that this is not the end of the world, but an open opportunity to see things in a good way if we can look hard enough to find it. Probably I don’t have the answer for everything, but that’s okay because many people don’t have the answer for everything and someone just has to find it in their hearts. So is it good to have a new life and start fresh, or would this person find a curse that can’t be cured and just keep that bitterness to himself?

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