Always There

I’ve closed the door
but yet you knock

I’ve built up walls
using steel blocks

my heart cry’s out with such a pain
it almost seems no ones listening

broken and shattered
thought I didn’t matter

cold and bitter
ashamed to be called a quitter

I feel your embrace
but I still run

run from the father and the son
run from the love of the chosen one

I hurt you, I use you
I silently abuse you

yet you dry my tears and hold me near
even through the dreadful years

the tears have stopped
the doors unlocked

ill let you in, forget my sins
and pray that I don’t push you away again

-Serenity Dodd


About the Author: My name is Serenity Dodd, I’m 16 and I live in Clifton, TN. My column will contain everything from poems to drawings as well as articles on life lessons learned, and making big decisions (hopefully the right decisions). I hope reading my column can bring a smile to your face, or help you through a hard time.”

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