What to Do Today in Order to Live Life at One’s Leisure

By Melisa Marzett

Life is difficult but interesting to live and the way we live it determines how it will be lived. Here are 20 ways to live it well so that life is a pleasure.

  1. Every day is a new start. Do not become attached to what happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, or even earlier. Today is a new life and even if something went wrong before, you can try again for sure.
  2. Be yourself. Do not try to play up to other people and be someone else. It is much more interesting to be a unique version of oneself, rather than someone else’s duplicate. You’re fine just the way you are.
  3. Live more consciously. Stop being the zombie, who travels the same road every day eating the same food. Enjoy life! Feel the wind blowing, hear the birds singing, taste the new dish.
  4. Instead of thinking “what if,” think “I will do it.” Stop dwelling on things you cannot change or that make you unhappy. Concentrate on the most important things in your life at the moment. This is the most constructive solution for you right now.
  5. Define your life principles, what rules you want to live by, and act in accordance with them.
  6. Learn your values. Values are what’s most important to YOU. For someone, faith and family are values; while for others, friends and financial growth are.
  7. Be proactive. Do not wait around for someone else to do something. Take action yourself instead. This is the best way to get things done.
  8. Focus on what, not how. Think about what you want before considering how to achieve it. Then if you are open to new opportunities and ready to step forward, everything is possible.
  9. Know your real self. Make sure you answer to yourself just the way it is that you want. Detach your mind from what other people think, who impose on you a wish to have Mercedes, when to be honest, the only thing you want right now is to live in a tent on the bank of the sea all summer long.
  10. Be responsible for your own growth. You and only you decide how to live your life. Live in accordance with your true purpose.
  11. Decide on your goal and set a target. Understand what is important for you and define the main vector of your moving forward on the basis of it.
  12. Ask yourself constantly, “what am I doing?” Dozens of hours spent in social networks are less productive than the time spent on studying. Throughout the day try to understand how much what you are doing at the time corresponds to what you want to achieve in life.
  13. Stay on the highest plank. Do everything excellently. Things go bad on their own, but you don’t have to fall for it. Try to stand upright and be your best at all times.
  14. Project your perfect life. What is your perfect life like? Create it. Estimate what you have now first of all. Then ask yourself what else you need in order to get maximum pleasure from the main four component parts: health, material status, social work, and intellectual development. As soon as you determine what you need, start acting on the way to achieving it.
  15. Quit complaining. Don’t act like a barking dog that does not do anything but make noise only. Stop yapping about your problems and start solving them.
  16. Create possibilities for your dreams to come true. You can wait for an opportunity to appear, or get out there and make it happen. Wishful thinking doesn’t get you anywhere. Only the one who is ambitious and eager to succeed is going to win.
  17. Engage your curiosity and explore the world around you. If you want to tour the art gallery or visit the national park, but postpone it from one year to the next, do it as soon as possible.
  18. Pause to smell the flowers or watch the sunset. It is amazing how much pleasure little things may bring. Life is short, so enjoy the present moment.
  19. To have a real life means to be in harmony. Why build a career and sacrifice your private life? We give something away for the sake something else so often that we do not see any other way to do it. But all the happiest and most successful people achieve balance everywhere at once, one sphere completes the other.
  20. Don’t put off living. Challenge yourself to live your life to the fullest!


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