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Anger takes the true feelings from the shadowy places of the heart, and shouts them from the rooftops.

Mother’s Day Special

By Nick Maker   Mother’s Day is a special time for the mothers and for the kids. “What about the husbands?” Well, the name is Mother’s Day, not wife’s day, though the husbands can buy gifts if they want to. Let me tell you a bit of history of that holiday.  The one who wanted this […]

A True Friend is a Rare Treasure

“Don’t pity the girl with one true friend. Envy her. Pity the girl with just a thousand acquaintances.” ~Katie Obenshain Friendship is a special gift. It’s a little part of yourself that you give to someone you care about. The value of a good friend is without measure. Friends are fun to be around. You […]

Sparkle Diamonds, Sparkle

(A poem from our January 2009 issue) Sparkle diamonds, sparkle, As you lay about the light. Shine in the moon and stars As they rise above at night. Then when the sun begins to yawn, And the moon fades away, May you twinkle once again All throughout the day. Sparkle diamonds, sparkle, As you reign […]

The Life of Joe

*Story contains a depiction of Hell and may not be suitable for all readers. **Story contains the following words which are used in a non-profane, Biblical manner: Hell Hellish Adultery Lust The Life of Joe, by Andrew It was a dim and bleak life for Joe. His love had died and he was fired from […]

A Poem by Gilgal

What’s Wrong? By Gilgal Queen Soldiers. Alone, in a faraway land Away from the ones that they love. Fighting and dying, Their loved ones home crying Hoping that one day they’re back. Freedom. To chose despite regulations Cast off by so many throngs In a public school now You can’t even pray You’ve just got […]

Poem: The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece By Gilgal Queen, 15 I am a simple lump of clay With gravel and impurities But Lord, please mold me day to day And take away the filth. In the Potter’s hands I try to stay Though sins of life beset me And though sometimes I go astray, My Potter won’t forget me. […]

Readers Write: Millennia

MILLENNIA By Tessa McDaniel, 14 Some millennia ago, We here on earth were Charged with keeping ourselves Pure and clean. Not just with water, Not just with soap. But with the water of life, But with keeping our souls As pure as the whiteness of snow. As pure as the whiteness of the dove. Harder […]

Readers Write

This month we have a nice collection of poems and other writings sent in by readers. Featuring: “Rescued,” by Katie Bailey; a short story titled “The Old Man and His Wife,” by Kayla Johnson; and an assortment of poems by Alexis Lewis. Enjoy! Rescued By Katie Bailey, 15 Standing alone in a dark, lightless room […]

When the Light Goes Out

By Madeleine Richey Everything is hot and sticky on a night like tonight. Everything reeks of earth, and grass, of summer air, car exhaust, and wet pavement after a rain. Everything seems to have despaired. The stars are dimmed, veiled by smog and city lights, their brightness just a memory of a childhood spent staring […]

Readers Write

An Aspect of Conflict It was a dark and stormy night when she fled to the wood, Her golden hair covered by a long dark hood. Under cover of night, she ran, she fled, To get away from that scene, still stuck in her head. In the morning she was missed, still needed at home; […]

Writing in the New Year

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better person.” ~Benjamin Franklin The new year is an excellent time to reflect and make resolutions. A resolution is a serious vow to do something better or to accomplish a goal by taking a firm […]

Readers Write: Lost

Lost by Katie, 14 Sharp, bitter, and cruel It is spoken in haste, Clawing and tearing The heart. A barb in the flesh, Buried deep down inside Never to surface again. The words of yesterday, we Cannot retrieve, Though we wish to go back. Put past the sorrows Of yesterday, Live in the present Hope […]

Readers Write: The Light of Love

I had a really bad day and opened up my Bible and was reading about God’s love for us and it hit me that God loves me. There is always another chance for us, at least till we are at the Judgement seat. Despite all I have done wrong He loves me and he loves […]

A Homeschooler’s Guide to Paradise Valley Community College

By Peter Olsen, Class of 2011 If you’ve been homeschooled all your life and have never set foot in a classroom, it can be a little intimidating going to college for the first time. For this reason I think a community college is a good place to start, because it’s not such an abrupt change […]


We homeschooled our children right through grade 12 and now they are both college graduates. Homeschooling works! While our oldest, Amber, was a teen she composed these 2 humorous top ten lists which we’ve updated for 2011. They were a hit when printed in our support group’s newsletter, even among the most conservative families. Maybe […]

Civil Air Patrol

My name is Ashley Cline. I’m fifteen years old and I’m in the Civil Air Patrol. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP for short) is the airforce’s official auxilary. We do community service, drill, search and rescue, and we learn to fly. CAP was founded December 1,1941, just a few days before Pearl Harbor. We actually […]

Amelia and The Amazing Pinto Pony

by Megan Amelia, age 13, was a great horse-lady. She hardly ever did anything without thinking of horses, dreaming of horses, smelling horses, or drawing horses! Now you see why she is a horse-lady. Well, anyway, she loved horses (as you know). Amelia was always sure to see that her black, white, and brown pinto […]