Readers Write: Millennia


By Tessa McDaniel, 14

Some millennia ago,
We here on earth were
Charged with keeping ourselves
Pure and clean.
Not just with water,
Not just with soap.
But with the water of life,
But with keeping our souls
As pure as the whiteness of snow.
As pure as the whiteness of the dove.

Harder than it sounds,
To keep a soul white.
We must mold and shape
Our hearts to keep out
The threatening armies
Of black and red.
The one who helps is
Above the blue sky,
Above the bright stars
In the swirling galaxy of mystery.

The dangerous dance of the world
Is for certain kinds of souls.
The weakest, the strongest,
The fastest, the slowest,
The curious, the scared.
No place for the arrogant,
None for the proud, the great.
The humble and timid will
Win this war. The war
Fought here on earth.

The war fought here on earth
Started some millennia ago.
When will it end?
When will the greediness and
Bloodshed of mankind stop?
When will the leaders of our earth
Realize when enough is enough?
When will they know when to stop?
The saddest part of living is realizing
They won’t.

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