Amelia and The Amazing Pinto Pony

by Megan

Amelia, age 13, was a great horse-lady. She hardly ever did anything without thinking of horses, dreaming of horses, smelling horses, or drawing horses! Now you see why she is a horse-lady. Well, anyway, she loved horses (as you know).

Amelia was always sure to see that her black, white, and brown pinto pony Reesy, and it’s mother, were safely taken on walks everyday, 2 times. She always remembered to feed, wash, and brush the horses.

Amelia cared for her horses as if they were her own babies. She knew that horses only liked people who showed care for them.

One day Amelia’s Dad came home with a newspaper clip that said:

Horse training contest in 1 week. All horse owners are welcome.

Amelia quickly told her Father that she wanted to be the one to go this time (Amelia’s Father usually was the one who went to horse races, or training contests). Her Father cast a quick glance toward her Mother, she nodded then they told Amelia that they had been planning it all along! Amelia was so delighted that she was all ready to go in a flash!

Her Father told her to sit down and rest. She wasn’t to go until next Friday. They would pack Thursday, and leave Thursday night. Then they would arrive at practice on Friday. The contest would begin on Saturday. Amelia could not wait! But soon enough Thursday came.

It was the awaited day, Amelia was on her pinto, in line for the start.

BOOM! The horse jolted forward, but Amelia held on tight. A few passed her, and she urged her horse on. Rounding the first corner, a horse in front of her left side tripped, throwing off its rider.

Amelia felt bad for the poor person, but knew she couldn’t be distracted from winning. They rounded the second corner. Then the third. At last, the finish was just ahead!

Suddenly, a horse came up beside hers. The rider kept glancing over at her, and he was whipping his horse.

Then, before anything could stop it, a kitten jumped out of a little girl’s arms, and crossed the track. Amelia tried to slow her horse, but the other rider got in her way, and their harnesses got snagged, so that they were riding as one.

The little girl cried out, and started for her kitten, but she didn’t realize the kitten was safely on the other side of the track. Her Father grabbed her, pulling her back to safety just in time. Amelia’s pinto tripped on the other horse throwing her off, and the other rider fell also.

Everything went black for Amelia.


Amelia opened her eyes slowly and blinked. Things were fuzzy for a moment, then she could see clearly. There were people standing all around her, and her Mother and Father were at her side. She was in a hospital room on the bed.

“What…what happened?” She said finally.

“You had a tangle, but you’re alright.” Replied the doctor, who was checking her pulse.

“Amelia, guess what?” Asked her Mother.

“What?” She closed her eyes again.

“You’ve won. You won the race dear!”

“Where’s Reesy?” Asked Amelia, starting to get up.

“Stay down dear, Reesy’s just fine. He saved your life though.” Said her Father, laying his hand on her shoulder.

“What?” She didn’t understand.

“You fell off your horse when he tripped, but the riders behind you couldn’t stop. Reesy stood over you, and wouldn’t move for anything. He saved you from being trampled otherwise.” Recounted her Father.

“Oh, Reesy.” She sighed. “Why can’t I go see him?”

The doctor leaned over her, and listened to her heart with his stethoscope. “Oh, you’ve got a couple of bruises on your head, and it’s best for you to just lay here.” He patted her arm, and looking toward the people who were looking in the doorway, said, “Now don’t keep her long.” And he left.

Some cameramen stood by her bed, and a few people with note pads asked her questions. They would put the whole story in the newspaper the next morning. Amelia’s parents helped her answer questions so that she wouldn’t get too tired, and soon the reporters left.

A few days later, Amelia was finally aloud to leave the hospital, and as soon as she did she rushed to see Reesy.

When she entered the barn, the horse stomped his foot, and tossed his light brown mane. He whinnied for her, and she hugged his neck lovingly.

“Ooh, Reesy. You’re the most special horse in the world! I love you boy.” Amelia drank in the sweet smell of Reesy’s oats, and the golden sheen of his back. He was indeed a beautiful horse.

Amelia tossed her saddle blanket on him, hefted the saddle up onto his back, and pulled the saddle straps tight.

Amelia led him out the barn door, and hopped onto his back. They rode out into the field in back of their beautiful two story house, and Reesy broke into a run.

The wind whipped into Amelia’s hair pulling out her long braid. With hair flowing and legs getting to stretch again, Reesy and Amelia felt the wind in their faces once again! It was a sweet refreshing moment.

They rode all afternoon, stopping once in awhile, and Amelia would pick some flowers. Then they would ride some more, until finally they trotted back to the farm.

Amelia secured Reesy in the barn, and walked back to the house.

Dinner was on the table, and her Mother was just calling in her Father.

“How was your ride, honey?” asked her Mother, handing her the utensils.

“Oh, Mom, it was glorious! I had almost for gotten how good it feels to ride Reesy, and feel the wind in my face!” she threw her head back, and closed her eyes to savor the memories of what her and Reesy just did.

“Well, set the table. After dinner your Father and I have a surprise for you.” her Mother grinned secretively.

When Amelia was helping her Mother wash the dishes after dinner, her Father came into the kitchen with something.

Amelia’s mother covered Amelia’s eyes, and said “Surprise!” then she uncovered her eyes, and Amelia gasped.

It was a golden cup, with her name on a plate below it.

“This your prize! We wanted to give it to you after you recovered, as a get well gift.” said her Father.

“My goodness! It’s so beautiful.” she breathed. Taking it from her Father, she ran her hands over it’s shiny gold rim. “I never dreamed of something as beautiful as this. Oh, I’m so glad to have a horse a good as Reesy.” she hugged her parents, and hurried upstairs to set the trophy on her shelf.

That night, while they were sound asleep in their beds, a shadow passed over the side of the barn.

A few minutes later smoke started rising thick and rapidly from the barn door and windows.

Amelia woke to the sound of her horse whinnying, and the crackling of fire. The smell of smoke was in the air, and Amelia sat up in bed.

Hurrying into her robe, she rushed to the window. The barn was on fire!

“Oh no! God please no!” she prayed aloud as she rushed to her parents bedroom, and shook them awake. “The barn’s on fire!!” she screamed.

“What?!” her Father tossed the covers aside and threw on his robe, then with her Mother following them, Amelia led them out the door to the barn.

The heat was intense, and Amelia and her Mother put their arms up to their faces to shield them- selves from the heat.

“How could this have happened?” her Mother thought out loud.

“I don’t know, but we’d better get this fire out!” her Father tossed them each a bucket, and turned on the hose.

Amelia suddenly screamed, “Oh no, Reesy!” she started for the barn.

“No, Amelia don’t go in there!” her Mother called after her, but Amelia was already at the barn.

She kicked open the big doors, and smoke rushed out toward her.

Reesy was kicking at the door to his stall, and desperately trying to pull loose of the rope tied to the post.

Amelia choked in the smoke, and tried to see where Reesy was. The smoke was so thick, and the fire so hot, that it made it hard to see anything. Objects rippled like a mirage in front of her eyes.

When she made it to where Reesy’s stall was, she unlatched the door and untied him. He just stood there, eyes wide in fear, and nostrils flaring.

“Come on boy!” Amelia pulled on his bridle, but he wouldn’t budge. “we have to get out of here!” she choked desperately, and fell to the floor.


Outside, Amelia’s parents were trying to put out the fire.

“It’s been too long. Where’s Amelia?!” her Mother was frantic.

“I can’t put it out. The water isn’t forceful enough. Honey, I need you to go inside and get the police.” Amelia’s Father put his hand on his wife’s shoulder, and gave her a loving look, “Amelia will make it. She’s a tough girl.”

Her Mother rushed in the house and dialed 911.

About 5 minutes later, the fire trucks drove up, sirens blaring.

The firemen got to work immediately to put the fire out.


Reesy nuzzled Amelia, but she was limp. Looking up he knew they didn’t have much time before the barn would collapse.

The fire had already lapped up the stalls to his left, and was headed towards Reesy’s stall.

Clamping his huge jaws onto the hood of Amelia’s robe, he stepped out of his stall, and headed toward the direction of the door.

The fire was intense, and the smoke smoldering, but Reesy couldn’t let anything stop him from saving his girl.


Amelia’s Parents were in total suspense.

The police drove up and an ambulance came to the scene. Amelia’s Father explained how she had gone into the barn to get Reesy, but hadn’t returned.

The fire was so strong that none of the firefighters were able to enter the barn.


Two minutes went by with Reesy trying in vain to find a way to get out.  Finally there was a loose board, Reesy stood on his hind legs and put all his weight on the wall. With a few crashes of his hooves, the boards crashed out onto the grass on the side of the barn.

Going back for Amelia he took hold of her robe again, and dragged her out of the barn.


The firefighters finally had the fire under control, but it was too late, the once beautiful barn would never be able to be used again.

A neighing of a horse came from the side of the barn, and out stepped Reesy. Amelia had awoken from her faint, and was holding onto him while he guided her back into the open.

She was coughing, and soot covered her from head to toe.

Amelia’s mother was so relieved she burst into tears, and rushed upon her daughter. “Oh Amelia, I thought I’d never see you again. Are you alright?” she cover Amelia with a blanket, and rushed her back to the house.

“I-I think so.” replied Amelia.

The ambulance workers checked her for burns. Amazingly she had not a mark on her!

“Is Reesy alright mother?” asked Amelia, when she had rested awhile.

“Yes dear, he’s tied up to the porch post.” her Mother smiled proudly. “He was so brave. He dragged you out of the burning barn, and wouldn’t leave your side. You should be very proud of him.”

“Oh Mother! I am proud!” Amelia threw her arms around her Mother’s neck and hugged her.


When all the excitement was over it was already morning, so Amelia’s Parents let her rest.

The next week was very busy with reporters and cameramen all wanting to know about the amazing pinto pony. Amelia got to pose in 40-something pictures with her horse. She lost count after awhile.

No girl was more proud of her horse that Amelia, and no horse so famed abroad.

This is the story of Amelia and the Amazing Pinto Pony.


Megan is a 15-year-old homeschooler.

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