Readers Write: The Light of Love

I had a really bad day and opened up my Bible and was reading about God’s love for us and it hit me that God loves me. There is always another chance for us, at least till we are at the Judgement seat. Despite all I have done wrong He loves me and he loves you. Well it inspired me, and this is what I wrote.  -Darian

The Light of Love

By Darian M. Basham

I’m sitting on the couch,
staring at the computer.
What has been said?
What hasnt been?
I don’t know what to say….

There is music in the background,
but I don’t hear the words.
I cant think clearly.
Everything is a distraction.
I want to scream….

The walls are closeing in,
and I cant get out.
I’m being pulled under,
its like I’m drowning.
I am alone in the pressing darkness…..

With tears of fear rolling down my face,
I cry for help.
Seeing no one,
I hear a voice say,
“Take my hand”….

Thinking help had came,
I took the out streched hand,
and found my self falling into the unknown.
I hit the rocky bottom.
The end had finally came….

Laying among those rocks,
I suddenly saw a light.
With gentle arms surrounding me,
I heard the sweetest voice.
“Your not done my dear child, I have a job for you……”

“It will be an upward battle,
You’ll always have to fight.
But you keep your faith,
and in His time,
He will deliver you……”

With tears of joy falling freely down my face,
I praise God,
for loving someone such as I.
I do not understand how or why,
But now I want to live……

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