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Alton Brown Live!

I have been an avid viewer of Good Eats since I was seven years old; the Alton Brown live show was like the cherry on a chocolate shake!

Love Ethics

They say love is a choice, but I think it’s also a commitment, as discovered in this experiment with a rock.

My Story

By Lulu. I started getting homeschooled in the fall of 2012, the beginning of my 8th grade school year.


Anger takes the true feelings from the shadowy places of the heart, and shouts them from the rooftops.

Mother’s Day Special

By Nick Maker   Mother’s Day is a special time for the mothers and for the kids. “What about the husbands?” Well, the name is Mother’s Day, not wife’s day, though the husbands can buy gifts if they want to. Let me tell you a bit of history of that holiday.  The one who wanted this […]