Mother’s Day Special

By Nick Maker


Mother’s Day is a special time for the mothers and for the kids. “What about the husbands?” Well, the name is Mother’s Day, not wife’s day, though the husbands can buy gifts if they want to.

Let me tell you a bit of history of that holiday.  The one who wanted this special day was named Anna Jarvis. When her mother died, she wanted to give her the greatest gift ever: a holiday to appreciate other people’s own mothers. That’s what she did, and everyone loved the idea.

Though, if you think about it, when you’re young you give your mother a homemade gift, but when you’re older you don’t have time for homemade gifts or something crafty and imaginable, or you just lose the interest to celebrate Mother’s Day because it is just a holiday. But it’s more than that. I always have time to make something small for my mother and I always make a good homemade card ( even if I’m bad at making it), but my mom loves it and I’m 17 years old!

And that was 2 years ago!

Not only do you have to celebrate just one day and make the happiest moment to your mom, but why not every day? You don’t have to give your mom gifts all the time, but you know what I mean. Our moms make the most of us to grow up and have a bright future ahead of us. There are always going to be arguments (and why she won’t let you do what you want is just because she is thinking for your safety), but if you think about it they used to be like us teens. Plus they give us love, education, fun loving moments of laughter that only they can provide us, and we will remember them in the future. It is the special love that makes you just want to say, “Mom, I love you!” like you mean it. So just remember everyone, think like a mom. How would you react if your kid didn’t pick up his toys like you always told him? Put yourself in their shoes or heels! 🙂

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