Civil Air Patrol

My name is Ashley Cline. I’m fifteen years old and I’m in the Civil Air Patrol. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP for short) is the airforce’s official auxilary. We do community service, drill, search and rescue, and we learn to fly. CAP was founded December 1,1941, just a few days before Pearl Harbor. We actually helped sink U Boats! For drill we march and learn to drill just like the actual airforce. We’re in drill competitions and colorguard. For search and rescue we help FEMA. We learn how to search professionally so we can help more. We also have ranks and uniforms. The lowest rank is Cadet Basic while the highest is Cadet Colonel. Right now I’m a senior airman (which is the third rank). Our uniforms are much like the airforce’s as well, and we must take good care of them. My squadron has only twelve cadets. My friend and I are the only girls! Civil Air Patrol makes you feel like a family. We meet new people and they always have your back. We get to serve our nation as well. Civil Air Patrol is all across the nation and is really fun. So, join in!!! Look online at for more information and to find a squadron near you. God bless America, and thank you! Ashley

Updated: July 18, 2011 — 8:15 pm

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