A Poem by Gilgal

What’s Wrong?

By Gilgal Queen

Alone, in a faraway land
Away from the ones that they love.
Fighting and dying,
Their loved ones home crying
Hoping that one day they’re back.

To chose despite regulations
Cast off by so many throngs
In a public school now
You can’t even pray
You’ve just got to do
Whatever they say.

Not for animals, trees, or flowers.
Babies aborted each minute,
Hundreds in hours.
Shouldn’t they have more rights than the trees,
They are our own children, after all
Can’t we see?

We’ve forgotten each statute,
Each moral, each right.
Because we’ve left God
We’ve deserted the fight.
We’ve caused the troubles
In America now
Because of our pacifism,
We’ve decided to cow.

No more for me!
I’m sick of the foe
That is running the white house
And has all control.
I want to do something,
That shall make my land great
Even turning the lever
Before it’s too late!

Updated: November 30, 2012 — 6:12 pm

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