Homeschooling Teen – September 2023

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Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: September 2023

So… who’s ready for a whole new year of homeschooling? Don’t forget to celebrate Constitution Week, September 17-23!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Christopher Hartless: Teen Chooses to Homeschool Rather Than Take American Flags off His Truck

Christopher Hartless, 17, chose to be homeschooled after high school officials told him to take the American flags off his truck.


Homeschooling High School

5 Habits of Effective Homeschool Students

Effective homeschooling involves these five study habits.


Homeschool Electives

The Politics of the Real American Founding

Almost 250 years ago our Founders established the freest and most prosperous nation in human history.


Homeschooling Your Teen

The Psychological Impact of Relocation on Homeschooled Teens and Strategies for Adjustment

When moving while homeschooling, get creative with your lesson plans and try to make the most of the move.



Refinancing Student Loans: A Homeschool Perspective

In this article, we will delve into the nuances of student loan refinancing, exploring the options available to you and providing insights to help you optimize your financial future.


Homeschool Friendly College

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College (SWC) is a private Catholic liberal arts college in Ontario, Canada. About 50% of the students were homeschooled!



How to Start a Career in Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can be a great opportunity for nurses of all ages and experience levels.


Product Reviews

My Favorite Homeschool Organizers

An organized homeschool allows us to save time, energy, and money. Here are some ideas for organizing and storing your homeschool supplies.


Thriving with Trinity

Finding Purpose in The Unpredictable

NEW COLUMN! “Thriving with Trinity” about self-improvement as a teenager.


Grace’s Garden

Books I Will Never Read

So many books and so little time to read them! The choice becomes so much easier when you can get rid of some options.


Right-Wing Teen

Is America Turning Communist?

History shows that an empire survives, on average, a mere 250 years.


Read the Bible

Christianity vs Culture in America

Have you ever encountered discrimination or persecution based on your religious beliefs?


Game Reviews & News

The Tetris Effect: Author Says Tetris Movie Ripped off His Tetris History Book

Tech journalist Dan Ackerman claims Apple’s Tetris movie ripped off his 2016 book, “The Tetris Effect.”


The World Around Us

Homeschooling with Albinism

Albinism is found in people of all races and ethnic groups around the world.


Health Corner

The Importance of Including Physical Education in a Homeschool Routine and How To Do So

Implementing physical education into your homeschool program benefits your students’ health and can help them build lifelong healthy habits.


Teen Tech Talk

Are You Addicted to YouTube?

It’s important to strike a balance between screen time and other activities that promote overall physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.



Homesteading and STEM

While many homeschooling curriculum options include interesting experiments to carry out at home, homesteading lets kids see science and engineering in action. Not as an experiment, but as real life!



American Hat Makers Scholarship Contest 2023

We are happy to announce the 2023 American Hat Makers “Design Your Signature Hat” Scholarship Contest!



40 Things You Can Do to Break Your Creative Block

Keep your creative juices flowing with the help of this inspiration-filled infographic.


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