40 Things You Can Do to Break Your Creative Block

Got creative block? Keep your creative juices flowing with the help of this inspiration-filled infographic from CreativeMarket.com followed by more details below.

Creative Block Infographic

1. Step away from your computer. Give your brain some breathing room.

2. Go for a walk. Come back with a clear head and a new perspective.

3. Do something different. Switch up your routine.

4. Solitude. Give yourself space to reflect and think.

5. Participate. Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

6. Rest. Take a break, relax, get plenty of sleep.

7. Get inspiration from your dreams. Tap into your subconscious.

8. Homegrown design. Create something from scratch.

9. Restrict yourself. Give yourself some constraints. Set a timer or a deadline.

10. Go with the “flaw.” Are you a perfectionist? Impatient? Stubborn? Make your flaws work for you.

11. Go against the flow. Work in a different way than you would normally. Use pencil and paper instead of computer, for example.

12. Toys. Indulge in some play time.

13. Find your muse. It can be a fictional character, person, place, object, or whatever sparks your creativity.

14. Change your surroundings. Work in a different environment.

15. Brainstorm. List everything you can think of related to the topic, no matter how crazy.

16. Have a cup of tea. Enjoy a calming moment.

17. Journal. Jot down your thoughts and ideas.

18. Collections. Arrange your favorite objects in interesting ways and draw or photograph them.

19. Collaborate. Let other people’s ideas inspire you.

20. Travel. Broaden your horizons in search of inspiration.

21. Collage. Grab a stack of magazines, glue stick, and a pair of scissors.

22. Start doodling. Relieve stress and tap into your creativity.

23. Meditate. Disconnect from distractions and learn to focus.

24. Crafting. Take time to relax with your favorite craft.

25. Make a mess. Throw yourself into your work and don’t worry about appearances.

26. Notebook. Jot down your thoughts and ideas.

27. Daydream. Let your mind wander you can discover new ways to solve problems.

28. Be surrounded by beauty. Decorate your workspace with inspiring scenes from nature or art.

29. Audio. Listen to your favorite music, soundtrack, or ambient sounds.

30. Start without starting. Just act busy and do something (anything!) without focusing on the end result.

31. Learn something new. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your knowledge.

32. Photo safari. Open your eyes and pay attention to details like lighting, textures, patterns.

33. Social creative time. Get together to inspire one another in a reciprocal manner.

34. Keep a sketchbook. Visually capture your inspiration.

35. Cross pollinate. Pick two completely different ideas or words or trends and combine them.

36. Dress for success. Get out of your pajamas!

37. Show up. Implement a routine that makes you more proactive.

38. Be bored. Believe it or not, boredom boosts your brain.

39. Redesign your day. Get organized and clear your workspace.

40. Stop comparing. Be yourself!

And finally, we would like to add one more…

41. Pray. A miracle may come out of it. 🙂

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