Christianity vs Culture in America

Christianity vs culture
By R.E. Olsen

It is the position of my culture that my religious beliefs are false.

Stated briefly, my beliefs, rooted in my observations as well as the Bible, are as follows.

God created everything perfect. Man sinned. Sin wrecked everything. Death entered the universe because of sin. God has a plan to save us from sin and death. He became the man Jesus. Jesus died on the cross to pay the debt. On that last dark day, Jesus will return to bring His own home and send those that hate Him to everlasting punishment called the second death.

On the other hand, my culture says that death preceded men sinning. They say death is natural and has nothing to do with people’s sins. There are lots of ramifications to this. Central and most important is that it contradicts Jesus’ mission, which was to save people from their sins and the consequence of sin which is death.

When speaking of Christianity vs culture, by “culture” I mean the culture of academia, universities, schools, movies, television shows, publishers, story tellers, music, museum docents, national park kiosks, etc.

Who is forcing their beliefs on others? The Christians or the Atheists?

Atheists complain that they are constantly being harassed by Christian fundamentalists who want to impose their beliefs on others to the point of harassment, coercion, and bigotry. Really???

When was the last time you ever had anyone approach you to talk about Jesus? When was the last time you saw a street preacher? When was the last time someone handed you a Bible tract? When was the last time you had a Christian knock on your door (not a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon)? These encounters are few and far between.

A guy I know from Nigeria was surprised when he came to America and thought he’d be running into Christians everywhere (due to all the missionaries who go over there). However, he said that he didn’t actually meet any until he met me!

Seriously, when it comes to Christianity vs culture, the harassment and bigotry is actually the other way around.

Atheists impose their beliefs on me and my children all the time!

The first way they do so is by promoting scientific atheism – closely associated with Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution – as if it’s fact. Just look at all the references to Darwinian evolution – the propaganda is disseminated everywhere – we’re inundated with it in books, movies, TV, and pop culture. Even some churches are teaching theistic evolution.

Scientists don’t even have an open mind any more. You know how they’re supposed to follow the evidence wherever it leads? Biophysicist Francis Crick says that “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved.” He’s telling scientists to keep their blinders on even if the evidence shows otherwise!

The second type of indoctrination that school children are constantly exposed to is humanistic atheism, pioneered by Karl Marx and aligned with the rise of the social sciences. Educator John Dewey was a key figure in the rebirth of secular humanism.

Widely recognized as the founding father of America’s “progressive” public education system, John Dewey was a man with a mission. His public schools replaced Christianity with collectivist humanism all across America. Read more about how Dewey and his associates turned education into indoctrination here.

So I ask again, who is being persecuted? The Atheists or the Christians?

Ideological control is achieved in free societies, not by threats or intimidation, but by indoctrination.

I call this “soft” persecution. These institutions contradict and undermine what I teach my children. I handle it by homeschooling.

At this point in the struggle there is no “hard” persecution. But when indoctrination fails, stronger measures must be taken.

Indeed, some people say to me, “your poor kids, what you teach them is a lie and amounts to child abuse. The government should do something to help them and save them from your delusion.”

Yup, persecution is coming.

Christianity vs culture. Which do you choose?


About the Author: A homeschool dad of three young men, R.E. Olsen takes his role of spiritual head of the household seriously. He also seeks to impart God’s truth to anyone who will listen.

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