Divine Influencer (Movie Review & Giveaway)

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A wealthy 20-something social media influencer loses financial support from her parents and takes a job at a homeless shelter for all the wrong reasons. However, she soon discovers the true meaning of influence. DIVINE INFLUENCER is an inspiring story about an influencer who turns from her selfish ways and becomes a positive influence in her community!


  • Olivia “Liv” Golden – Lara Silva (The Chosen)
  • Ryan – Jason Burkey (Fearless Faith)
  • Andrew Geller – Jesse Metcalfe (God’s Not Dead 2, On a Wing and a Prayer)
  • Tara – Micah Lynn Hanson (Overcomer)
  • Flora – Rebecca Koon (Overcomer)
  • Charles – Joseph Curtis Callender (Overcomer)
  • Directed by Shari Rigby (October Baby)


  • Self-centered vs serving others
  • Purpose and direction
  • Second chances
  • Asking God to use us for His will


The materialistic point of view held by most influencers doesn’t benefit society. True influence means making an impact on your community, serving those less fortunate, and uplifting others by encouraging and supporting them in a positive manner.

What if more influencers found a new way to make an impact on our culture, one that involves a lot more love than likes? Imagine all the good they could do around the world! That’s the premise of the new Pure Flix Original movie DIVINE INFLUENCER, starring Lara Silva from The Chosen.

“We know God has a plan for you. Remember to whom much is given, much is expected.” – Olivia’s father

The movie starts with Olivia (“Liv”), a social media influencer, celebrating her birthday. She has a big party with lots of friends and the way she acts, she’s one of those girls you love to hate. Her selfish and condescending attitude makes her not likeable at all. To top it off, she flaunts her wealth and yet she’s behind on paying her rent.

Well, so much for her sense of entitlement because, as they say, pride goeth before a fall. Liv accidentally posts a video of herself bashing a product she represents and is fired. Adding insult to injury, Liv’s best friend moves into her position as an influencer for her former boss.

Then to make things worse, Liv’s parents call to say they are selling all their belongings and are creating a nonprofit mission to further God’s kingdom. They tell her she’s now on her own as they will no longer pay for her apartment and lifestyle. Awesome!

While all this is going on, Liv overhears an interview with Andrew Geller, a top marketing executive, and she suddenly realizes that she doesn’t have her own sense of purpose or direction. Well, sometimes God has to let certain things happen to steer us in the right direction so that we can discover our true purpose in life.

“True influence is having people follow you because of how you positively affect them.” – Andrew Geller, marketing and social media guru

Liv shows up at her friend Kimberly’s house with her sob story. Kimberly naively agrees to let Liv stay there in exchange for pet sitting her python and walking her dog. Liv takes full advantage of her friend’s hospitality but doesn’t really care about doing a good job pet-sitting or even picking up after herself.

While she’s out walking Kimberly’s dog, Liv runs into Ryan, a high school classmate who she hasn’t seen in years. He invites her to help serve dinner at the Rescue Mission where he works, but she’s not really listening and thinks he’s asking her out on a date!

On her “dinner date,” Liv learns more about Ryan and his work at Harvest Rescue Mission. He invites her to come and volunteer at the shelter again. Kimberly kicks Liv out, so Liv goes back and asks Ryan for a job as the Resident Advisor of the women’s dorm, just so she will have a place to stay (without admitting that she actually is homeless).

Liv is partnered with a nice old lady named Flora, who teaches her about prayer. “Have a conversation with God, it’s like talking to your best friend,” she says. Liv’s first real day of work at the Rescue Mission consists of scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms, and taking out the trash. Hardship is a humbling experience, but it’s time for Liv to learn a thing or two about humility.

Liv speaks with Chef Zara, a world-renowned chef who left her upscale restaurant to work at the Rescue Mission, a place where she could really make a difference. Liv learns a valuable lesson about joy, mercy, and how to really connect with people. She begins to recognize that everyone from all walks of life are equal in God’s eyes.

“The world is all about performance, what you have and who you know.” – Chef Zara

“But not Jesus. He is all you need to have and who you need to know.” – Charles, kitchen volunteer

Meanwhile, on the business side, Ryan faces hard truths about low donations and an impending closure if the upcoming fundraising gala doesn’t go well. Liv steps in and helps to plan the gala and liven it up with a fashion show.

Now this is something that’s right up her alley! I love how Liv uses donated clothing to show women at the shelter how to dress stylishly and feel confident on job interviews. While doing so, she quickly realizes the joy and purpose that comes from serving others. Liv also begins posting about the Mission to drum up more support. She finally found her niche!

The message of this film is a reflection on how easy it is to live for likes, shares, and comments on social media instead of living our lives for God. It’s not until an entitled influencer loses everything, that she humbly turns to God to understand what the meaning of true influence is. True influence comes from serving others.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

Watch DIVINE INFLUENCER on Great American Pure Flix starting September 15!



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