Homeschooling Teen – August 2020

Welcome to the August 2020 issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine! This one is jam-packed with something for everyone, plus a giveaway contest. Enjoy!


Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: August 2020

Homeschooling Teen is a monthly online magazine for homeschooled high schoolers ages 13-19 with articles BY Homeschool Teens… FOR Homeschool Teens!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Abby Ryan: Flexibility Brings Opportunity

Homeschool grad Abby Ryan: “I loved being homeschooled.”


Homeschooling High School

How to Ensure Your Homeschooled Kids Become Well-Rounded Adults

It’s important to remember that a well-rounded individual has the capability to DO as much as to KNOW.


Homeschool Electives

Introducing a College Gap Year Designed for Homeschoolers

Have you taken all the homeschool electives you need to graduate high school, but aren’t quite ready for college yet? Consider a gap year!


College Life

New Online College and Career Planning Course for Teens and Young Adults

Homeschooling families need effective tools to help their teens plan effectively for their future college and career.


Homeschool Friendly College

Anderson University, Indiana

Anderson University is a Christian liberal arts institution located in Anderson, Indiana.



Top Ten Jobs for High School Dropouts

Let’s look at ten of the best jobs with the most potential for high school dropouts.


Product Reviews

Decorating Ideas for Your Home Study Area

Even if you don’t have a whole room to spare, and you only have a small space to work with, you can decorate a study area for homeschooling.



Costa Rica: My Dream Adventure!

You know how everybody has a dream vacation? Well, I have more of a dream adventure. I want to go to Costa Rica!


Life’s a Beach

Bovine Wonder!

Ali writes about the chaos of a big family, homeschooling and farming. Introducing Lily, the bovine wonder!


Movie Reviews

Review of “Hamilton” by Grace

Grace wrote a review for the new movie Hamilton that’s streaming on Disney+.


Game Reviews

Enter the Algorithms: Could Mobile Games Be Part of College Admissions?

As colleges move away from the SAT, will admissions algorithms step in?


Right-Wing Teen

State Governments Double Down on Religious Persecution

Did you ever dream that in America, people would be punished if they dared worship God? Religious persecution is happening right now all across the country!


Read the Bible

BEFORE THE WRATH: Review & Giveaway

BEFORE THE WRATH tells how anthropological evidence rediscovered from the time of Christ reveals exactly how and why the Rapture must occur.


Health Corner

Choosing the Best Home Fitness Workouts

Here is what you should do for your fitness while homeschooling during coronavirus lockdowns or any other time you are limited within the walls of your home.


The World Around Us

Best Ways for Teenagers to Save Money When Buying a Car

Here are six techniques to help you save on expenses when buying a car.



The Students and Instructors of STEM Education

From self-reliant doers and resourceful strugglers to tech-savvy instructors, find out which STEM education style matches your personality!


Teen Tech Talk

Almost 60 Percent of Parents with Kids Aged 14 to 18 Reported Them Being Bullied

Been bullied? Cyberbullying, like all bullying, is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by parents, educators, administrators, and communities.



$500 AICA Chiropractic Scholarship

The AICA Chiropractic Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for students studying in the medical field.



29 Ways to Stay Creative

For this post we’ve put together “29 Ways To Stay Creative” in three different ways: 1) as a list; 2) as an infographic; and 3) as a video.


Your subscriber freebie:

BEFORE THE WRATH Discussion Guide w/ scriptures, movie clips, and devotionals.


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