Decorating Ideas for Your Home Study Area

Study Area

A spare bedroom is often utilized as a home office or study, but some custom homes have a room specifically designated as a den or library. All of these terms refer to a private, closed off room used primarily for reading, working from home, writing, or studying. A typical study area might contain a desk, chair, computer, bookshelves, and file cabinets.

For homeschoolers, having a dedicated school room at home is like having a home office. When you enter the office, you know that you are there to do a job. When you enter the school room, you know there is work to be done. If you have a spare room that you can set up as a school room, you’re lucky! Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that luxury.

One room in the house often has to function as a homeschool classroom as well as a family room. This is fine, but the first thing to do is clear out the clutter. Make sure the room is clean and clear, with minimal furniture. Messy surroundings can be distracting and mentally tiring when trying to study.

Hide supplies in a closet or behind closed cabinet doors; put unused “stuff” elsewhere. Keep archival materials in the back of the closet, under the stairs, or up on a high shelf. Reserve the easily accessible locations, like book shelves and desk drawers, for materials that are used regularly. Don’t let your study room turn into a storage room.

Get rid of unnecessary and meaningless items to make additional space available for more useful educational materials. Throw away all the worthless stuff like ballpoint pens and markers that don’t work, half-finished workbooks, piles of old magazines, etc.

Decorating Ideas

Even if you don’t have a whole room to spare, and you only have a small space to work in, you can decorate the area for homeschooling. Educational decor can include instructional or inspirational accessories such as globes, maps, historical timelines, Bible pictures, and motivational posters:

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Pictures or paintings of mountains are recommended, as mountains symbolize knowledge:

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A globe is an excellent accessory to symbolize study success:

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A bookcase encourages reading and studious behavior. Open bookcases should have all the books, DVDs, or CD cases flush with the front edge of the shelf:

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Try not to sit the student directly in front of a window, especially if there is outside activity, since this interferes with concentration. But a tranquil garden scene or a beautiful view can actually improve concentration:

Study AreaA strategically placed houseplant, bonsai tree, terrarium, or other natural decorative element can provide rest for the eyes during long study sessions:

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In the book of Proverbs, wisdom and understanding are associated with the Tree of Life:

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The colors of knowledge are black, blue, and green:


For specific back-to-school supplies that you may need, see the following articles:

Happy Homeschooling!

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