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Home Fitness
By Sophie

Is your local gym closed due to COVID-19? At home you have all the time at your disposal to do all you can for your fitness, which your house’s limited space permits.

All you need is a bit of motivation, and there you go, whenever you find some time, even as little as five minutes, you can do a physical activity to take care of your health, fitness and wellbeing.

You do not have to have a particular fitness training equipment to become fit and stay that way all along.

A walk, out in the garden or in a simulated environment on your treadmill, cycling on your bicycle or on a stationary bike, some lighter weight exercises and much more.

There are loads of options to get yourself engaged into a fitness program, and there is no age limit to it.

As a matter of fact, when you make a conscious effort for your fitness at an early age, it develops into a life-long habit. You benefit from wellness of your fitness regime for rest of your life, and there is nothing you could wish for more than a healthy, super fit and smart body.

Here is what you should do for your fitness while homeschooling yourself during coronavirus lockdowns, or any other time when you are limited within the walls of your home.

1. Walk, and walk whenever you find time

Walking is the most recommended exercise for the beginners of ambitious fitness lovers of any age. It is highly impactful exercise for people of all ages, groups and sizes. The more you walk, the fitter you become.

Whenever you find time, walk. It could be a short walk in your garden, if it is spacious. Otherwise, a brisk walk to one room to another, if it has some distance.

Or else, you can walk on your treadmill in a simulated environment. It is as effective as walking outside, although you get a lot of fresh air and natural climate when you walk outside.

If you are not able to find enough time in one row, do brisk walks, and in more intervals. Even if you walk for five minutes and do so more than once during the day or in the evening, it would positively impact your fitness.

2. Rope jumping workouts

It is not just an exercise, but a most favorite physical activity for teens. Chances are you would know all styles and tricks of rope jumping.

Why not then exploit this exclusive knack of yours to your fitness advantage? Rope jumping is even more challenging than walking, swimming and running.

It is the best short-interval exercise that can turn you into a super-fit body. Your abdomen muscles, chest muscles, legs, arms, shoulders, in fact all parts of your body benefit from rope jumping.

Rope jumping is also a very highly results-oriented exercise for a stamina boost.

You can do rope jumping for as many minutes as you find time and stamina for, either inside your home, if your ceilings have enough height, or better outside.

Your garden area is one of the best places where you can do this exercise on soft grass. Just make sure you take care of your hydration, as rope jumping can get you quickly drained out.

3. Cycling is a good workout for youth

A bicycle is a must-have fitness training equipment that every youth would have. The love for bikes starts at very early age, grows with age, and people sometimes carry on to become professional cyclists.

Even if not, cycling is a good source of fitness, especially for youth. Both girls and boys love to ride bikes and in addition to having a lot of fun, they get great health benefits out of it.

You can cycle in your garden area, if have enough space; otherwise, you can bike on a fixed bike.

A fixed bike does not require much space, and even families living in apartment-style housing facilities have bikes at home to make their use for fitness improvement.

You too can take advantage of your bike stationed anywhere within your house for your fitness gains. Just like walks, you can exercise on a bike whenever you find some time or are in mood to do so.

When you do not feel like having enough energy, you can exercise more than once in short intervals, and there is a guarantee you would benefit as much as from other exercises.

4. Swimming for ones who enjoy pools

If you live in a big house and it has a pool, you are lucky. You must make use of this facility, which not every house enjoys, and take your fitness to the next level.

Swimming in addition to walking and cycling is a highly impactful exercise. Sometimes it has many other elements such as therapeutic value that can enhance the wellbeing of your body in no time.

It is also one of the best exercises to elevate your figure, improve your stamina, and get loads of energy and strength. Swimming is always associated with a healthy body and lifestyle.

5. Some weight-focused training is good to go

You do not have to do some heavy fitness training equipment lifting, but to add to your muscular strength some weight-focused training is good for your body.

Maybe do some basic training with lighter dumbbells, which your body can sustain particularly in the beginning.

Don’t do heavy weight-lifting, especially when you are in the growing phase of your age. It can destroy your body and undermine its growth potential.

Keep it minimum and strictly to a lighter weight, just to add some strength. Otherwise, all the above exercises are better for you.


  • Don’t exercise when alone. You might need assistance in case of a weight collapse.
  • Make sure for your safety and safety of your family members.
  • Don’t allow children near you while exercising.
  • Store all fitness training equipment in a safe place.
  • Take care of your body’s water need.
  • Have proper and health foods.
  • Take it easy and slow, don’t rush.

About the Author:

Sophie is a sports educationist, emotional therapist and consultant. She regularly blogs on the subjects of sports, exercise, physical and emotional development. She currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

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