Introducing a Gap Year Designed for Homeschoolers

gap yearHave you completed all of the core courses and homeschool electives you need in order to graduate high school, but aren’t quite ready for college yet? Or have your college plans been upended by COVID-19? Consider enrolling in Ascend by Unbound, the ultimate gap year for homeschoolers!

What is Ascend?

The Unbound team is excited to present a homeschool gap year program that trains exceptional leaders, provides a safe place to learn, and fosters Christian community. Homeschoolers can also participate in the program as a dual enrollment high school student.

Ascend by Unbound is an intense college experience designed to catalyze, enable, and energize Christian homeschoolers. Ascend students don’t just graduate with easily-transferable college credits, they graduate as leaders and innovators with a world-class community that has their back.

Complete with online forums, video hangouts, and opportunities for international missions, this community connects over a thousand friends around the world. FYI: The Unbound team members are all homeschool graduates!

How it Works

Ascend Teams are the cornerstone of the program. A student is placed in a team of 7-10 of their peers, where they receive—and provide—coaching, encouragement, and accountability. One student in each team acts as the team leader.

There are monthly webinars that expose students to a wide variety of fields, ideas, and principles. One month they might be engaging with an expert in marketing, and the next month a full-time missionary. Students rate these workshops among their favorite parts of the program.

Ascend students conceive, plan, and execute a project as a part of the program. An opportunity for students to apply what they are learning, these projects have ranged from starting a nonprofit to building a canoe for a multi-day trip.

Capstone, held in the mountains of Colorado, is part of the last course in the Signature Leadership Series. At this event, students are mentored in person by Dr. Jeff Myers on Christian leadership.

For graduating students, APEX is the ultimate crescendo. This is the largest event in the program—open to alumni, family, and friends. Past speakers include Eric Metaxas, Joel Salatin, Phylicia Masonheimer, and Navy SEAL Mike Ritland.

Time Commitment

Whether enrolled for 9, 15, or 30 credits, you will get leadership opportunities, Christian community, rock-solid academics, and travel to live events—all included in the cost! You can enroll in Ascend for one year or up to four years.

Whether you stick with the program for one year or four, Ascend students graduate with easily-transferable college credits to finalize their degree from their chosen institution and graduate with more professional experience than many of their peers.

If you’re ready to be challenged, work hard, participate in Christian community, learn more than you’ve ever learned before, and make the most of your gap year, you’re the student we want. We’ll ask you a few questions to make sure you’re a good fit for the Ascend program.

Ascend will run from September 2020 through June 2021. You must apply by August 31, 2020 to qualify.

Want to talk to someone before you apply? Schedule a call with us today!

What types of activities and courses have you used as electives? Leave a comment and we may include yours in a future column!

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