New Online College and Career Planning Course for Teens and Young Adults

college and careerI’m Hans Meeder, President of the National Center for College and Career Transitions (NC3T), an educational service provider.

I wanted to let you know that NC3T has just released CareerSmart Essentials, a FREE online course designed for teens and young adults, helping them gain essential knowledge to support career, college and life success.

In about 15 hours of self-paced study, a young person can develop their decision-making skills and gain access to an array of free resources and tools for personal planning; the culminating activity of the course is to develop their personalized education and career plan.

Upcoming Webinars

Homeschooling families need effective tools to help their teens plan effectively for their future college and career, and we can help.

In the coming weeks, we are hosting three webinars for homeschooling families that want to learn more about the course. The 45-minute seminars will be held on August 24, September 2, and September 14, 2020.

Space is limited so sign up right away. You can follow this registration link:

More Information

CareerSmart Essentials is a self-paced online learning course for teens and young adults in college or approaching the end of high school. It can be integrated into the learning of an individual student or a group of students in a homeschool association.

In this course, you will learn the essentials of planning for career, college, and life. You will also create a personalized Education and Career Plan.

You can learn more about CareerSmart Essentials at the NC3T website, and you can also download a FREE copy of the Education and Career Plan template.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon on one of the webinars!


Hans Meeder, President

National Center for College and Career Transitions

P.S. $10 OFF CareerSmart Essentials for students who enroll before October 15!

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