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Nobody’s Secret, by Michaela MacColl

Emily Rachelle Reviews, by Emily A novel of intrigue and romance This was a really nice book. I’ve always loved Emily Dickinson’s poetry and the days before I read a variety of genres were filled with mysteries like these. Every chapter started with some lines by Emily that really fit the tone of that chapter. The emotions […]

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

The Razor’s Edge, by Madeleine Richey Are you a writer, a painter, a sculptor—an artist in any form? As a young artist, it can be hard to be recognized for your work and even harder if you are homeschooled and do not have a school that regularly hosts awards and provides opportunities to display your […]

Poems to Ponder

Unique We’re all Weird Because.. We’re all Unique Lets be Different Lets be Freaks Lets be Strange We’re all Weird Because.. We’re all Unique Lets be Emo Lets be Goth Lets be Scenic We’re all Weird Because.. We’re all Unique Lets be Girls Lets be Boys Lets be Us Because We’re all different We’re Weird […]

Poems to Ponder

By Nick Maker A Walnut to Crack Much there is in the mind of a person, Who’s like a walnut, Can’t tell if the walnut is good or not, But simply explore the inner mind of others and to see it crack open. Is not easy to see someone’s mind, How it works and how […]

Readers Write: Lost

Lost by Katie, 14 Sharp, bitter, and cruel It is spoken in haste, Clawing and tearing The heart. A barb in the flesh, Buried deep down inside Never to surface again. The words of yesterday, we Cannot retrieve, Though we wish to go back. Put past the sorrows Of yesterday, Live in the present Hope […]

Readers Write: The Light of Love

I had a really bad day and opened up my Bible and was reading about God’s love for us and it hit me that God loves me. There is always another chance for us, at least till we are at the Judgement seat. Despite all I have done wrong He loves me and he loves […]