Paint You

By Hannah Barber


If I could paint you in words-

The edges would be cutting swords.

Words with bold definitions-

Tenacious, Noble, Arrogant, Confident.

I would draw your features

With strong strokes-

Striking, Clear, Honest, Brazen.

You would be shaded in with light and dark

Some words softer than the rest-

Compassionate, Loyal, Hopeful, Contemplative.

Floods of color would fill your heart

All the shades of you poured out-

Fervent, Passionate, Lover, Fighter, Hesitant,

Broken, Fixed, Pensive, Enigmatic, Dynamic.

Your Portrait would be filled with

Color and darkness and light.

Splashes of hope and strokes of doubt.

Shades of confidence and of diffidence.

Even if I tried to capture you

In painting or in verse,

I know it would never be,

As beautiful as you are.


About the Author: “My name is Hannah Barber and I am seventeen years old.  I am currently in my second year of homeschooling.”  

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