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Is Genesis History? Win a Free DVD!

is genesis history

NOTE: The contest for the free DVD is over (congratulations, Diann!), but you can buy a copy on Amazon. What exactly happened, “In the beginning …” and in the time that followed? Throughout most of history, Genesis was considered an accurate and reliable record, but over the past 250 years, it has become one of […]

Made in Heaven, by Ray Comfort & Jeffrey Seto

The simplicity yet intricacy of God’s brilliant handiwork – from atoms to snowflakes to insects to plants to humans – has long astounded and inspired engineers. Biomimicry, also known as biomimetics, is the science that seeks to understand and imitate these proven mechanics of design from the natural world in order to solve mankind’s problems. […]

Answers… for Teens

Homeschooling High School Teens have big life questions and demand solid answers. But as any Christian teen knows, we live in a skeptical society. Peers, teachers, and the world in general will tell you that Christianity is old-fashioned and out of touch with today’s culture. Even worse, false claims and erroneous conclusions about the Bible are […]

Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski Hey guys. So for this devotional I think I will talk a bit on creation. Creation is probably one of the first things we learn in Sunday school along with Jesus is good as well as the son of God. But creation I think has a bit more to […]

Grace College

Grace College is an evangelical Christian college located in the historic resort town of Winona Lake, Indiana. The college is associated with Grace Theological Seminary and the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Grace began as a two-year college in 1948, and is currently categorized as a four-year liberal arts school by The College Board. Its […]

Adam Nisbett

Adam Nisbett, the second of ten children, was born in Arlington, Texas. When he was two years old his family moved to a hundred-acre farm near St. James, Missouri. As a homeschooled child, he enjoyed having the freedom to roam through the pastures and woods where his favorite pastime was birdwatching. Adam also began drawing […]

The Evolution Handbook

College Bound Reading List The Evolution Handbook, by Vance Ferrell On Saturday, August 21, we attended a Creation Seminar at Desert View Bible Church in Phoenix. The featured speaker was Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries, http://www.creationministries.org. The seminar, geared towards equipping believers in their faith, was titled “What Your Teachers Can’t Tell […]

In the Beginning…

College Bound Reading List Genesis 1: The Story of Creation The Authorized King James Bible, first published in 1611, turned 399 years old this month! The KJV is the most often-quoted Bible translation, widely known for its poetic beauty and structure. While its language may sound archaic today, a familiarity with this version of the […]