What is Your Purpose in Life

By R.E. Olsen

First there was God, He had no beginning.
He was, is, and will be.
He exists within His own being.
He one time made all: electrons, protons, neutrons and energy.
He formed galaxies, stars, planets, and clay.
He made gadgets, complex in detail, fantastic no matter how big or small the picture.
Viewing by microscope and telescope, there is intricacy wrapped within intricacy.
All for what purpose?


Some gadgets are alive like Him, the only Living God.
He made them live.
To some he gave self-awareness and the ability to know their dependence on Him.
He chose one family to present all men knowledge about Himself, knowledge not readily apparent to the observer of His created things.
These are the children of Jacob. They taught us many important lessons.
Yet people on earth and in every age hated Him, they turned from Him, they wanted to kill Him and take His place.
He became a baby boy and grew up and gave them the opportunity to kill Him and they took it.
He died. He was dead. Several days He was dead.
Then all of a sudden He was not dead.
He had accomplished His purpose.


To view Creation and not see the Creator is to see and not understand.
You are in the middle of the desert, and yet life exists even here.
A spiny cactus has some of the most beautiful flowers in nature.
Tiny insects zip around your nose, ears, and eyes.
The bright glare of the noonday sun constricts your iris and increases the depth of field.
Things are in focus over a wider range.
Through the shimmering heat, distant objects can appear and go away.
You stand and stare at a large rock over there.
You are likely the only one to ever bother.
There are lots of other boulders around it for one to notice.
Pull the bandanna up and the hat brim down.
Focus on the one rock and ask a question.
Does it have a purpose?
There is no ready answer; ideas are as indistinct as the shimmering and fading rock.


Some people say “there is no purpose in the ultimate sense.”
Consider yourself now and ask the question.
Do I have a purpose?
Did I have one and I missed the boat?
When I have been dead one million years will I have had purpose?
The question is too big. Focus on something else.
My heart, does it have a purpose?
Well, duh, of course it has a purpose; it pumps blood, keeps me alive. It is intricate. It is marvelous. It is part of an impossibly complicated thing called me. It is interconnected in more ways than we can count to all the body’s systems.
There is nothing random about it. There never was anything random about it.
Your heart was designed ahead of time with a purpose in mind.
It then follows that you have a purpose. This agrees with what is written.
Read the Bible and find your purpose.

So how do we relate to Him, what should we do?
Do not be afraid to say you are sorry for offending Him, ask for forgiveness.
Reject the things you know are bad and walk away from them forever.
Accept that Jesus Christ owns the punishment for every bad thing you ever did.
Keep walking toward Him, keep talking to Him.
He will one day pick you up and say My son, My daughter, I love you.
A million years from now we will be alive and considering all sorts of wonders that will go on forever. Amen.


About the Author: A homeschool dad of three young men, R.E. Olsen takes his role of spiritual head of the household seriously. He also seeks to impart God’s truth to anyone who will listen.

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