To the dreamers: a letter from your loving creations.


By Trinity T.

Dear dreamer,

I see you looking tired. I know you’ve taken some hard knocks over the years and whenever you look up, you can barely see the things you hope for. I know this road is anything but easy. Your vision is blocked by high mountains. And beyond that are deep valleys flooding with showers of uncertainty. You’ve been through so much already but it never seems to be enough. To be honest, it would be much easier to throw in the towel and go back to where you came from. Off course, you past isn’t without problems of its own. But you’ve seen them all before and you could easily brave it once more.

Before you do that though, hear me out. Let me plead my case. Remember when we first met? You held me in a close embrace. In the deepest place of your mind you cradled me. I was all you could think about in those days. We’d stay up at night together as you made me bigger and clearer. You gave me a life by attaching me to your heart and soul. We were one. The only thing I was missing was a body of my own. You didn’t exactly promise to give me one, but I know it’d give you great joy if I went from just a figment of your imagination to being a physical manifestation. Then we could be together and show the world our love and story. But somewhere along the way, all that changed. You stopped checking on me. You let other things take my place. Things like fear and worry encroached on our one-on-one time. Slowly, they sucked the life out of me, reducing me to nothing more than a leaf blown around in your tornado of thoughts. Nothing more than smoke from the furious fires in your mind. Now you see me as a childish dream. And maybe that’s what I am. But think about how happy we were together. We sought for cool shade under trees on sunny days. And we spent stormy nights all cozied up under a blanket.

So what changed? What happened that made you abandon us? We’ve come a long way already. Why not make it to the end? I know it’s hard, but I also know we can make it. We can still find a refuge from the elements. Though I’m nothing more than a whisper now, I believe you can give me back my life and then some. Please don’t give up on me. My life is in your hands. You alone can bring back the color that fear drained out of me. And restore the rhythm doubt stole from you.

We can walk this road together. I’ll give you a safe place to rest. And you’ll give me a full and complete life. Until we get to where we want to be.

I hope you think this through,

Yours truly,
Your dream.

Trinity, 16, has been homeschooling for almost four years. She lives in Uganda and is passionate about God, family, music, and writing. She hopes to use her writing to serve God and help other people.

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