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The Evolution Handbook, by Vance Ferrell

On Saturday, August 21, we attended a Creation Seminar at Desert View Bible Church in Phoenix. The featured speaker was Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries, The seminar, geared towards equipping believers in their faith, was titled “What Your Teachers Can’t Tell You.” During his presentation, Russ Miller presented “50 Facts versus Darwinism in the Textbooks.” Mr. Miller referred to The Evolution Handbook as a great resource on Creationism vs. Darwinism. He told how one time he challenged a Biology teacher, who was belittling kids who didn’t agree with Darwinism, to read this book. Now the biologist tells his students, “I no longer believe Darwinism is true.” Copies of The Evolution Handbook were selling like hotcakes in the lobby after the seminar. I purchased a copy, too, and it’s definitely handy to have as a quick reference. When I checked out the author’s website, I found that you can also read the book online for free. Just go to where you will also find additional resources.

Believe it or not, the evolutionary theory does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. The Evolution Handbook features the most comprehensive refutation of evolution available in one volume. The 992-page book contains no doctrinal bias, only scientific facts and data. Browse through The Evolution Handbook and you will be amazed! You will soon know more about a far wider range of scientific facts than most people. If you have any questions or doubts about creationism and evolution, this book will answer them. The Evolution Handbook is jam-packed with incredibly in-depth, scientifically-backed evidence, complete with references to check for every statement made. And yet it’s written in easy-to-understand layman’s terms, not confusing scientific jargon. The Evolution Handbook is designed so that key points quickly jump out at you, and it’s topically arranged with a detailed subject index as well, so you can quickly find what you are looking for. The book also includes study questions and research helps.

The Evolution Handbook is written for all ages, and highly recommended for students in 7th grade through high school and college. It’s full of eye-opening examples that most people don’t realize were discredited years ago but are still being used to dupe people into believing in a pseudo-science. For example, there are twenty so-called primitive men used to provide “proof” of the development of apes into men, but there is not a complete skeleton for any of them. One merely consists of four foot bones from which they reconstructed an entire skeleton, what the creature looked like on the outside, and what it ate for lunch! This constitutes the logical fallacy of insufficient evidence. Worse than that, five or six proved to be outright hoaxes. The fraudulent drawings of Ernst Haeckel and his recapitulation theory of the human embryo, which were disproven almost as soon as he introduced them, nevertheless found their way into biology textbooks and into popular knowledge.

Evolution belongs in the realm of mythology, not science. REAL science builds a story out of evidence. Evolution just doesn’t support what the evidence actually shows. Instead, evolutionists take a foregone conclusion and then distort and shape the “evidence” to back up their preconceived notions. (The very same thing that they accuse creationists of doing!) Did you know that Carbon-14 dates are inaccurate past a certain period of time, so they simply throw out the results that don’t fit with their theory and only keep the hit-and-miss results that do? And shouldn’t there be literally millions of transitional species since there supposedly had been continuous evolution over countless ages past? However, not even one transitional fossil has ever been found after well over one hundred years of searching.

The Evolution Handbook shows that evolutionists have absolutely no physical evidence to substantiate their claims. There is not a single, valid logical argument in support of evolution. It’s all based on speculative opinion and assumptions. In fact, there are many provable lies that have been used to “support” evolution. It’s important to note that the book references mostly evolutionary scientists. The author even refers to the Encyclopedia of Evolution dozens of times. There are also many quotes from respected scientists who don’t consider themselves creationists, but are willing to take an honest look at the evidence. In citing these scientists, the author lets the facts speak for themselves and does not try to force his own conclusions. Nevertheless, it becomes evident that observable science does support the biblical account of creation, confirming that the Word of God is true from verse one.

Vance Ferrell is the senior editor and researcher who compiled this voluminous collection of evidences and information, originally called The Evolution Cruncher. He is an Adventist teacher and pastor with a B.A., M.A., and B.D. in theology and Biblical Languages, plus training in professional education. His only concern is to ground you in the faith and encourage you to stand in its defense. Visit the Evolution Facts website:

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