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NOTE: The contest for the free DVD is over (congratulations, Diann!), but you can buy a copy on Amazon.

What exactly happened, “In the beginning …” and in the time that followed?

Throughout most of history, Genesis was considered an accurate and reliable record, but over the past 250 years, it has become one of the most controversial books of all time. Past events—including the Creation of the universe in six days, the existence of Adam and Eve, and a global Flood—are now questioned by many… even including some Christians. Where can reliable, well-researched answers be found?


IS GENESIS HISTORY? A Christian Documentary

IS GENESIS HISTORY? is a comprehensive, logical, evidence-based documentary that has just arrived on DVD, Blu-ray, digital and streaming platforms. The film features over a dozen scientists and scholars explaining how history and science intersect with Genesis to tell HIS STORY. This thought-provoking, faith-building movie addresses themes of creation and science, origins, age of the Earth, and more.

Dr. Del Tackett, creator of “The Truth Project,” serves as your guide—hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea—in an exploration of two competing views and one compelling truth. Genesis is central to understanding everything around us. As Dr. Tackett says, “Nothing in the world makes sense except in the light of Genesis.”

Many Christian families feel the pressure of living in a culture that embraces an evolutionary view of the world. It’s prominent in films, school textbooks, popular novels, and online videos. Parents and teachers know it’s a view that undermines the authority of the Bible, but many struggle to explain these complex topics to their children and students. IS GENESIS HISTORY? answers the questions that parents, teachers, and students are asking.


IS GENESIS HISTORY? A Historical Documentary

If we try to construct history based on our own limited experiences, we will misinterpret what happened and misunderstand our place in the world. Genesis, on the other hand, explains where we came from, who we are, what our problem is, and where we are headed.

The filmmakers consult with a specialist in biblical Hebrew and the Old Testament, who explains that the language indicates Genesis is clearly talking about real events, and the genealogies affirm its historicity.

They look at human migration patterns to show that the confusion of languages at a central point really happened. This location is a likely site for the Tower of Babel, as there is archeological evidence of an enormous tower that was left unfinished.

When looking at everything together, we can be confident that Genesis is history.


IS GENESIS HISTORY? A Scientific Documentary

The filmmakers introduce us to many scientists who dispute the incorrect theories and offer their evidence for how the earth really came about. They bring us to canyons, volcanoes, and oceans to show evidence that the world is not very old, and that there was a global flood. They look at molecular biology to demonstrate that one kind of animal does not change into another. They examine the fossil record providing answers to questions nagging scientists, anomalies they cannot explain. They do this by using the Bible to interpret what they see, not clinging to old falsehoods from earlier scientists.

It’s about time faithful scientists finally stand up and declare that their work demonstrates the truth of the Bible. Even secular scientists are now coming to the conclusion that the Grand Canyon was formed more quickly than they once thought (as my son learned in his college geology class). The National Park Service still clings to the old theory, I bet, just so they won’t have to change all of their interpretive signs.

I was originally interested in watching this movie to see my favorite Arizona locations (Grand Canyon, Sedona, SP Crater, Chino Valley), but the segments with the zoologist and oceanographer ended up capturing my attention the most! The part about the Tower of Babel was fascinating, too. These particular sections presented information that was new to me. But for a viewer who hasn’t already studied the geological aspects of creation, the whole movie will be refreshingly eye-opening.

From rocks to fossils to cats to stars, IS GENESIS HISTORY? will change the way you see the world. The documentary shows how experimental, observable, testable, repeatable scientific evidence much better supports an intelligently designed creation than Darwinian evolution. It examines the problems with the evolutionary view, and then presents a positive case for Creation as told in Genesis.


IS GENESIS HISTORY? An Educational Documentary

Incidentally, the music for IS GENESIS HISTORY? was composed by Kurt Heinecke, the same guy who wrote the music for VeggieTales. This documentary isn’t intended for kids, though. The film is recommended for ages 12+ due to complexity of content, because it may be difficult for younger children to understand.

I would also add that the interview format isn’t quite as engaging as a narrated documentary would be. Despite being filmed on location with gorgeous cinematography, the various sites are mostly just scenic backdrops for two men talking to each other. The movie is unlikely to hold the attention of a younger audience because it’s slow-paced and serious, not fast-paced or funny like Drive Thru History.

A lot of complicated material is discussed in the conversations, so you have to listen carefully or you’ll miss a critical piece of information. I’m planning to go back and re-watch certain segments. Also, Dr. Tackett’s interviews with the scientists and scholars just scratch the surface, leaving the viewer wanting to learn more. But don’t worry, they’ve got that covered! The filmmakers actually invite viewers to do further research. Just click on 5 Steps to Learn More.

In fact, the film combined with the official website comprises an excellent educational package. Online resources include an ebook, reading list, expert articles, discussion guide, film guide, video Bible study, and more. All of this supplemental material is perfect for Christian schools, church groups, and homeschoolers. The producer, Thomas Purifoy, Jr., is a homeschool dad himself. IS GENESIS HISTORY? can be part of a science, history, or Bible class… all based on the book of Genesis.

The video is 101 minutes long. It’s available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Amazon Video.



  • Proof shown for a worldwide flood.
  • Worldwide basement granite.
  • Continent-wide sedimentary deposits.
  • The evidence is the same for all, the interpretation is individual.
  • The Book of Genesis presents itself as history.
  • Catastrophic events have been interpreted as having taken a long time.
  • The rate of radioactive decay may not be constant.
  • Current dating methods of radioactive decay are unreliable and contradictory.
  • A long time and uniform processes are required for evolution to be true.
  • Creation and the flood are one-time events, and therefore cannot be predicted by current processes.
  • People are committed to evolution and therefore long periods of time.
  • Schnebly Hill formation between Coconino Sandstone.
  • Fossil layers pulled back and forth.
  • Great nonconformity.
  • Cambrian explosion.
  • Complex integrated ecosystems.
  • Fossil record shows life attempting to escape the global flood.
  • Transitional forms are not there.
  • Complexity has been there from the beginning.
  • Soft tissue has been found in dinosaur bones.
  • Tissue, cells, proteins break down over time in violation of dating processes.
  • Long time is a critical element for evolution.
  • Missing links between all major organisms including bacteria.
  • The number of changes and the types of changes required to make new species are too numerous and complex to be done one at a time.
  • 4-Dimensional DNA.
  • Pre-programmed ability to change has been mistaken for evolution.
  • Millions of years, random changes, natural selection.
  • Selection takes a variation and turns it into an adaption.
  • Neanderthal Man is just a man.
  • Light travel time, similar to rapid but normal growth of plants.
  • Tower of Babel.
  • Dispersion of languages proves the story.
  • One-time events cannot be interpreted by examining processes going on well after the event.
  • The things going on around us are the result of event processes are no longer occurring.
  • Significant one-time events in the Bible.
  • Creation of the universe.
  • Creation of life.
  • The fall of man through sin.
  • The global flood.
  • The confusion of languages.
  • The giving of the law.
  • The salvation of mankind.


IS GENESIS HISTORY? Featured Experts

  • Kevin Anderson, PhD, Microbiologist
  • Steve Austin, PhD, Geologist
  • Steven Boyd, PhD, Hebraist
  • Robert Carter, PhD, Marine Biologist
  • Arthur Chadwick, PhD, Taphonomist
  • Danny Faulkner, PhD, Astronomer
  • George Grant, PhD, Pastor
  • Paul Nelson, PhD, Philosopher
  • Douglas Petrovich, PhD, Archeologist
  • Marcus Ross, PhD, Paleontologist
  • Andrew Snelling, PhD, Geologist
  • Kurt Wise, PhD, Paleontologist
  • Todd Wood, PhD, Biologist
  • Stuart Burgess, PhD, Mechanical Engineer (Bonus Feature)
  • Douglas Kelly, PhD, Theologian (Bonus Feature)
  • Larry Vardiman, PhD, Atmospheric Physicist (Bonus Feature)



  • Q&A with Del Tackett and Scientists (13 min.)
  • The Ice Age and Climate Change: Larry Vardiman, PhD (15 min.)
  • Engineering the Universe: Stuart Burgess, PhD (18 min.)
  • The Church and Creation: Douglas Kelly, PhD (12 min.)


The contest to win a free DVD is over (sorry!), but it’s seriously worth buying a copy.

Purchase IS GENESIS HISTORY? on DVD & Blu-ray NOW!

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