Made in Heaven, by Ray Comfort & Jeffrey Seto

The simplicity yet intricacy of God’s brilliant handiwork – from atoms to snowflakes to insects to plants to humans – has long astounded and inspired engineers. Biomimicry, also known as biomimetics, is the science that seeks to understand and imitate these proven mechanics of design from the natural world in order to solve mankind’s problems. You probably don’t even realize it, but we are surrounded by scientific advancements that have been copied from God’s incredible creation. After reading Made in Heaven, you will never look at objects in nature the same way again!

Made in Heaven provides an exciting new perspective on science by highlighting man-made achievements that were first invented by God. In this lavishly illustrated, scientifically accurate book, an aerospace engineer and evangelist join forces to look at more than 30 ways we are borrowing God’s designs, without giving God the glory. Made in Heaven covers a wide range of inventions and discoveries that were inspired by the natural world, some of which may surprise you. Did you know…

  • The beauty of a butterfly wing helps protect against counterfeiters.
  • The glow of a cat’s eyes inspired road reflectors.
  • The study of the human eye can lead to better camera lenses.
  • Velcro and barbed wire were inspired by prickly burrs.
  • The Kingfisher helped people break the sound barrier and invent better trains.
  • Our paper producing abilities were inspired by the humble wasp.
  • The mosquito gives clues on how to make the needle prick of an injection less painful.
  • Pinecones inspire researchers to look into clothing that adapts to temperature.
  • Swimsuits made with fabric that mimics sharkskin helps people swim faster.
  • Lotus leaves inspire clothing that stays dry.
  • Kevlar fiber is based on spider webs, and body armor is designed based on fish scales.
  • The Eiffel Tower was inspired by broken bones.
  • The healing power of the body has encouraged scientists to look into creating self-healing materials.
  • Moth’s eyes and the geometric spiral pattern of sunflowers inspired the design of solar collectors.
  • Fibonacci numbers and Brewsters Angles are pointing the way towards sustainable energy sources.
  • A fly’s ear, the lizard’s foot, and other models from nature are inspiring improvements and new technologies in our lives.
  • Squids assist in jet propulsion, shrimp eyes improve DVDs, and there are many more examples!

Made in Heaven really brings the awe of God’s creation and design into focus. The beautiful photography alone makes the book a must-have. While Made in Heaven may look like a kid’s picture book on the outside, once you open it up you will be amazed to find that it’s much more than just a few fun facts. It’s jam-packed with intriguing in-depth explanations that are suitable for high schoolers and adults. Each chapter is explained with close-up illustrations and technical diagrams – and even though it’s not dumbed down, the text is understandable for non-science majors. The book is up-to-date, too, with references to the latest concepts like bioengineering and nanotechnology.

Made in Heaven is an 80-page, full-color, 10″ x 8″ high quality hardcover book with glossy pages that appears more expensive than it actually is. (I paid $20 for an autographed copy – and even that was well worth it – but you can buy it for much less at Each chapter has a fully illustrated two-page spread. This isn’t the kind of book you can sit down with and read straight through – there’s way too much information to take in at once! – but it’s fun to skim around and look at what interests you, so every time you pick up the book you will gain new insights.

This educational book is perfect for homeschoolers and anyone who wants to discover fascinating facts about creation and how God manufactures complexity in nature. It does seem rather amusing that with all of our technology, God’s natural world is still much more advanced! The book concludes with a clear gospel message, and there is a glossary of scientific terms at the end. Made in Heaven is an excellent:

  • coffee table book
  • science book for homeschoolers
  • reference book for Christian school and church libraries
  • gift book for budding scientists and engineers ages 12 and up

God has already provided our greatest scientific achievements; it’s simply up to us to acknowledge His wisdom. I love science books that show what true science really is – the domain of Christians, not the stronghold of evolution. After being inundated with evolutionary thinking over and over again, it’s so refreshing and enjoyable to read books like this that show the world as God intends for us to see it. Unlike what secular humanists claim, Christians never have to sacrifice scientific accuracy or reason for faith – because the Bible is scientific and faith is reasonable! Made in Heaven encourages you to observe the amazing world around you and “look beyond the painting to see the Painter.”

About the Authors: Ray Comfort is the president of Living Waters Ministries and co-host of The Way of the Master with actor Kirk Cameron. Jeffrey Seto is an aerospace engineer with over 20 years of experience in experimental research and development.

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