Homeschool Stereotypes, by Gabrielle Reed

My name is Gabrielle. I am 15 years old. I have a family of seven; me, my mom and dad, three sisters and a brother. My mom homeschools all of us. We live in the country, away from the city and street lights that block the stars, just the way I like it. In my spare time, I like to crochet, draw, and read.

Homeschool Stereotypes: The Truth Behind the Lies

Stereotypes hurt anyone and everyone they’re about. Some can be really hurtful, while others just make you want to laugh. Homeschool stereotypes are the kind that make you think, “Seriously people, homeschoolers are humans too”! But sadly, they are believed, thus making us want to crawl into a corner and stay there. I will be counting down from five to one some of the silliest, yet believed homeschool stereotypes I’ve ever heard.

Stereotype No. Five- Homeschoolers are really shy.

Homeschoolers are shy, but that is because they’re at home most of the time with no one but their siblings and parents to talk to. But there are some really shy public schoolers too. What’s their excuse; they’re around people everyday. So, it’s not homeschoolers or public schoolers, it’s people in general. People are usually shy and timid around people that they have never met before.

Stereotype No. Four- Homeschoolers do no school work.

BIGGEST LIE EVER! Homeschoolers do almost the exact same work as public schoolers. We both learn that some guy named Algebra forgot that numbers belong in an equation, so he replaced them with letters and called them variables or unknowns. We also learn how to use Google and find books in the library, that may or may not help us find the information that we need to write the report that’s due the next day. It’s not that we don’t do school, it’s just that we work at our own pace.

Stereotype No. Three- Homeschoolers don’t know how to have fun.

WHATEVER! I know how to have fun. I do the stuff my sisters won’t do, for fun, like getting my upper body covered in chocolate syrup during youth games. It doesn’t really matter if nobody else will do it. (I mean, there always has to be that first person, right?) If you know you’ll have fun and won’t regret it later, Go For It. If homeschoolers couldn’t have fun, how boring would life and school be?

Stereotype No. Two- Homeschoolers know nothing about anything that’s vogue.

Actually, we do. We just chose to not care about what’s popular and what isn’t. If everyone cared about what was in that season, then everybody would only care about themselves and would spend money on clothing, makeup, etc. that they’re only going to wear or use once. Life goes on without fashion, trust me. If God intended homeschoolers to care about what they wore at home, then Adam and Eve’s kids would have freaked out about wearing animal skin garbs.


Obviously, whoever thought up this stereotype never met a homeschooler. I hear this one and think, “Do people think we’re that weird?” Homeschoolers do have lives, otherwise our only friends would be our brothers and sisters. If we had no lives, we wouldn’t have any friends or fun and we would be so shy that people would think that we’re anti-social. Honestly, homeschoolers have more of a life than public schoolers who wake up super early in the morning, spend eight hours in school, doing the same thing in the same place every day, going home, doing homework and repeat. Homeschoolers can get half day if mom doesn’t feel the greatest or if a trip up town goes longer than planned. If you have friends and get out of the house, you have a life. Now, secluding yourself in your house and not communicating with anyone is having no life.

Homeschooling is awesome! Honestly, the only downside is still doing school when you’re sick. It’s truthfully, the best gift I ever got from my parents. It’s a blessing to be taught by my mom. Because of that, when I’m done with school, I want to teach children like my mom taught me.

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