Love Ethics

By Joseph W.

I once decided that I’d test my love ethics, as I was on a walk. I selected a small rock, and decided that I’d kick it all the way home.

A few things were wrong with my experiment. First, my no-strings-attached experiment lacked a crucial element: commitment. My experiment started off like most love situations, with initial and often rash decisions, followed by the dawn of reality.

Second, the rock could give me no satisfaction. Love is a two way action. It’s like communication. One cannot love (or talk to, for that matter) something, or someone that doesn’t return any satisfactory results. One cannot love photography, for instance, if he/she finds no pleasure in the art. Thus my experiment proved that love is a two-way thing.

As I continued my walk, kicking my companion around, I noticed that love (bear with me) is not easy, or even convenient. Sure anyone can kick a rock out of sheer habit, but who has the commitment (or the time) to kick a rock all the way home? This particular rock didn’t make love easy for me either. Every so often it would stray off the path, and I’d have to sort through avalanche rejectamenta for my rock.

I found it, and kicked it roughly half a mile.

They say love is a choice, but I think it’s also a commitment. I chose to kick this rock, but I wasn’t committed to it. Resentment built subconsciously, and eventually led to me discarding the rock.

(and no, I didn’t kick it the whole way home)

Thus my commitment ended like fifty percent of America’s marriages. I tossed it aside, and went on with life.

What can one learn from this? First, without choosing or committing to love, one will fail eventually. Whether it’s after two years or forty years of marriage.

Second, love wisely― don’t love a rock.

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