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candy storeBy Kenzie

Three days, two weeks, and one month ago I was in the mall with my mother when she decided to drop by the candy store. Because I am on a diet, I was horrified by the mere thought of walking through the store of beautiful, delicious temptations. However, I agreed to go in for my mother’s sake. Besides, I knew I could handle it. I journeyed all the way through that store, front and back, stacked full of sweet treats without breaking my diet.

As my mother and I passed through the pink front doors of the candy store, we were immediately greeted by the inviting aroma of a massive amount of various tasty, scrumptious, and sugary delights from every direction. I could already feel myself begin to drool as I absorbed the mouthwatering sights and smells surrounding me. However, my drooling simply signified that I was well aware of the dangers and wide awake. It was a positive sign that would stick with me like glue for the rest of my candy store adventure.

I assumed it would be prominent for me to escape this delectable death trap quickly. So, I immediately began to assist my mom with uncovering the particular type of candy she was searching for. We had a transient conference with one another where we concluded to split up and hunt for my mom’s desired sushi gummy candy. I was to probe the right side of the store and her the left. If we completed our separate searches on the two sides of the store and found nothing, we would be scheduled to rendezvous at the center section of the store to delve through it. I desperately hoped this would not be the scenario to unfold. Since I was drooling in such extraordinary quantities, I could only imagine how much drool I would be coated with if I remained in the store for that long.

When I embarked on my precarious mission brimming with gushing gummies, I was immediately struggling and easily becoming distracted from my two goals. I gave my best effort to keep my mind on task, and I will testify that I was doing an astounding job of ignoring most of the candies. Then, I saw the most heavenly hamburger gummy ever. When I spotted it on the shelf, it appeared to glow at me. I reminded myself that I was on a diet, and that I could not eat this bit of chewy delight. Then, I had a brilliant brainstorm and what I thought of was pure genius. On a diet you are supposed to eat healthy food such as vegetables. Lettuce is a vegetable, and the gummy hamburger had lettuce on it. Therefore, it must be all right, and even good, for me to eat while on a diet. I quickly snatched three of the hamburgers and started to journey to the checkout when I was stopped in my tracks. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a perfect pizza gummy screaming my name. Pizza sauce has tomatoes in it, and, since tomatoes are fruit, they are healthy and can be healthy and can be eaten whilst on a diet. So, I gleefully grabbed myself two pizza gummies. I started towards the checkout again.

However, my grand journey to make it to the checkout did not go according to plan. I instantly veered off course as I snatched candy corn and fruit roll-ups on the justification that one is a vegetable and the other one contains fruit. Both of which can be excellent for dieters. After this, I was finally able to make it to the checkout where I purchased my delicious, healthy goodies. My next step was to meet my mother and hope she had better luck finding the sushi gummies than I did.

When I met up with her in the store’s center, she had thankfully located her sushi gummies and said we were good to go. While we were going to check out, I saw some hot dog gummies and created a puddle of drool on the floor. I decided that, since the hot dogs had mustard on them, and mustard contains healthy lemon juice, I would purchase a few. Therefore, after snatching three hot dog gummies, I resumed my march to check out. We then reached the register and each paid for our things. As we then exited the store, I devoured my diet safe treats.

My confidence in my abilities was not misguided. Thanks to my self-control and great thinking, three days, two weeks, and one month ago I saved my diet. Since I only ate healthy food, I successfully survived my trip through a candy store without breaking my diet. If you are on a diet and you have to struggle to pull off a trip such as this, try using my brilliant strategy to get you through it.

Homeschooled from 3rd grade up, Kenzie is now a 19 year old homeschool graduate from West Virginia. She enjoys writing, especially poetry. She likes to write anything from humorous to dark, or maybe just plain in between. Another passion of hers is animals, with her favorite being felines. Sweets are her Achilles’ heel. If you bring her chocolate or ice cream, or, say, chocolate ice cream, your wish is her command.


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  1. You can be so funny, my dear daughter! Keep up the writing!

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