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10 Reasons to Integrate eLearning into Homeschooling

By Catrin Cooper

eLearning is changing education and the homeschooling environment. It can be difficult to have the exact figure, but it’s estimated that 1.7 million kids got their education at home as of the last report in 2013. That’s 3.4% of the school-age population.

And the number is growing! Depending on the kind of homeschooling a person receives, it’s stated to be more efficient than a traditional schooling. With the increased use of the Internet and online materials, this method of education resulted in rapid growth.

More and more parents are integrating eLearning to their children’s education at home. This kind of learning utilizes electronic devices and multimedia for learning. Here are some reasons to include eLearning into homeschooling.

  1. Learn at their own pace

The traditional school system can’t compete with the benefits of homeschooling. Students can accomplish more if they get individual attention based on a particular learning style and pace. eLearning allows them to learn at their own level as the method of teaching is tailored to each kid’s needs.

  1. Learn easily with digital educational technology

Today’s children grow up with tablets, computers and the Internet. Digital learning comes naturally to them. Thus, students of every age will retain information easier by engaging with built-in visuals, interactive graphs, animation, and gamification, among others. People who work and study in education field realize that learning has to be visual and interactive to be effective.

  1. Monitor student’s track

eLearning can improve engagement with learning material and allow each individual to learn at their own pace. To ensure that the students perform well and at the right level, eLearning publishers are researching new materials to make sure that the tools meet the national requirements.

eLearning also equips parents with materials and some apps that ensure their kids stay on track and in line with the standard curriculum. You’ll find a wealth of materials online and some educational apps that homeschoolers can use to boost their learning.

  1. Take any program and learn whatever you want

In traditional education, students can pick the programs they wish, but it requires them to travel away from home. The variety of eLearning programs is a huge advantage because pupils can pick a suitable option that they can follow from home.

With eLearning, homeschool students can take any program present in traditional schools. For example, if a homeschooler wants to know more about neuroscience, he or she can easily take an online course and find online programs provided by some of the best schools around the world.

  1. Access offline

Although eLearning may require the Internet, there’s no need to worry about the cost of bandwidth going through the roof. More and more eLearning companies create learning tools that can be downloaded and used offline.

From there, students can access the materials without an Internet connection. Furthermore, much of the educational software is reasonable, and does not require an Internet connection to operate.

  1. Prepare for a tech-centric workplace

Most companies and workplaces these days depend on digital technology. Employees must keep up with the development and should be highly computer literate.

Homeschoolers can get a head start on educational tools that allow them to be ready for a tech-centric workplace. eLearning teaches students how to use digital tools and language they can use in their future careers.

  1. Read more books

The traditional school uses limited books as a reference. But homeschoolers can discover more books using mobile apps.

They can read thousands of books in a few months or a year. With a small subscription fee, your kids can have unlimited access to vast selection of books.

  1. Know grammar

Some eLearning tools offer interactive writing and grammar lessons. Homeschooled kids can learn and access lessons suitable for college students.

Homeschool teachers can track the progress of their students on the site and the students can receive instant feedback. Online learning tools can also hone kids’ writing skills. essay service, for example, offers various writing services that students and adults can access at an affordable price.

  1. Teach them coding

Some companies offer online classes for kids so they can learn how to code. The courses are suitable for people of all ages.

Pick a professional programming tool that’s right for your kids. Don’t just use drag-and-drop tools. Instead, opt for an instrument that allows students to know how to code as if they’re in the real world scenario.

  1. Look great on a resume

Even though your students don’t go to Harvard University, they can still stand out from the crowd when it’s time for them to look for a job. Keep in mind that online courses look excellent on a resume.

The reason for this is that obtaining online courses demonstrate a commitment to learning. Employers like it. In fact, hiring managers don’t consider online degrees as inferior to the traditional college degrees. And if your teens choose to obtain an online degree from a prestigious school, they can boost their career even more.

About the Author: My name is Catrin Cooper. I’m 29 years old and was homeschooled for 3 years. I’m a newbie blogger fulfilling my dream of becoming a successful writer, and am working on my portfolio.

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  1. Some companies offer online classes for kids so they can learn how to code. The courses are suitable for people of all ages

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