My Story

By Lulu

I started getting homeschooled in the fall of 2012, the beginning of my 8th grade school year. The reasons include that I was bullied a lot at school as well as my 7th grade English teacher (who got fired recently) didn’t teach us a thing! It was sad for me saying goodbye to my good school friends, but it was also a happy time to say goodbye to all the bullies. Thank God for email and social networks to keep in touch!

During the summer, nothing much changed with me and the church girls; but that all was different as soon as school began in the fall. Rumors were flying around about me, and none of the girls would talk to me. Only Lee dared to talk to crazy, weird me. He supported me totally when I told him that I was going to homeschool. For 8th grade, I did a curriculum called Where the Brook and River Meet, a novel study that incorporates all the core classes except math; the novel being Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. Finally, Mari came up to me and apologized for going along with the crowd, and said that she was hoping to do online or distance education starting in grade 10. The school year went on like this: weekends for hanging put with Mari, Sundays seeing Lee and getting snubbed by the rest of the girls, and weekdays doing schoolwork and pursuing my interests at the time.

The next summer; everything was like the summer before. I was included and all the girls were my friends. Then at one point I heard that another girl, Karin, was doing online school next year for 9th grade, just like me. 🙂 I was so pleased, and Karin and I became very good friends. The first few weeks of school, I was all Karin had; and I had Karin and Lee. Finally the girls accepted our decision to do online schooling, and started to include us in everything! At one point we had a slumber party at Mari’s house, and all the girls expressed that they were (and are) jealous of Karin and me because we don’t have to go to school. There are now a few more of the girls really debating doing distance online next year for 10th grade. If all the girls who are debating doing online next year do, five out of ten of us will be at home!

These past few years have carried a lot of friendship struggles as well as fights with my mom (do all teen girls fight with their moms?), but also more good and fun times with my parents and siblings as well as my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Homeschooling requires a lot of motivation, but you can do it if I can. 🙂

P.S. Names have been changed to protect the people in the story.

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  1. You are a wonderful writer! Thanks for this article – I am going to show it to my daughter who will start homeschooling this year and is a little anxious about it.

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