Just Do It For Yourself And Not For Anyone Else

Just doing it for yourself is a powerful mindset that transcends the allure of external validation. Let’s delve into this concept.

Checking our social feeds is the first and last thing many of us do every day, and seeing that people have interacted with us can make us feel valued and loved.

Seeing positive reactions pop up in our notifications gives our brains a shot of dopamine – a chemical once thought to create pleasure but now understood to cause us to seek it.

The more likes we get, the more we want, and so on. This can lead to social media addiction.

Social Dependence vs. Independence

Most of us will admit that we want to be liked. The degree of reliance on social approval varies from person to person, but for some, social media is the modern equivalent of “keeping up with the Joneses.”

“If a post performs well, we feel validated,” says psychologist Dennis Relojo-Howell, the founder of Psychreg. “If a post fails to attract attention, we may feel as if we are failing. And seeing our peers succeed only compounds this reaction and its impact on our self-esteem.”

Research indicates that excessive use of social media can lead to increased levels of anxiety and depression. This is often due to the constant comparison with others and the pressure to live up to an unrealistic standard set by what we see online.

On the other hand, just doing it for yourself and not for social media approval means you can feel good about yourself without having to worry about what other people think, thus freeing yourself from dependence on the approval of others.

Indeed, with increased awareness of the potential impacts of social media on our mental state, more of us are taking breaks from social media or rejecting it entirely. Many younger people, in particular, are taking time out to recharge and reset.

Just Do It

When someone utters the phrase “Just Do It” to you, it can evoke mixed feelings. Sometimes it feels off-putting, even raising obstinance. However, when you use it as a personal mantra, it takes on a different hue.

Consider this: self-motivation stems from within. When you challenge your own thoughts and push yourself to act, regardless of external approval or likes, you tap into an intrinsic drive. It’s like saying to yourself, “I can and I will do this.”

In a world where social media metrics often dictate our choices, remember that authenticity lies in doing things for your own growth, joy, and fulfillment. So, embrace the spirit of “Just Do It” for yourself, and let the likes follow if they may, but don’t live for them.

Enjoy Your Personal Journey

Sometimes we embark on journeys not for applause or accolades, but to find solace in the quiet moments, to mend our own hearts, to heal our own wounds.

We climb mountains not to impress, but to conquer the peaks within us, to breathe in the air of self-discovery, and exhale the burdens we carry.

We write not for fame or fortune, but to release the words trapped in our souls, to paint our emotions across blank pages, and find catharsis in ink-stained confessions.

We dance not for an audience’s applause, but to feel the rhythm in our bones, to sway with the melodies of our existence, and let our bodies speak the language of joy.

So, my friend, if you’re doing it for yourself, know that it’s a noble pursuit, for sometimes the greatest victories are the ones witnessed only by our own hearts.

Embrace the spirit of “Just Do It” and throw off the chains of social media. Only then will you experience real freedom and the joy of being yourself. 🙂

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