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Homeschooling Teen – April 2018

The April issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online! TABLE OF CONTENTS: —————————— Homeschooling Teen Profile Ella Kerrisk: Professional Photographer at Age 16 Ella credits her family and homeschooling for her success. —————————— Homeschool Friendly College Lanier Technical College Lanier Tech offers over 45 affordable programs of study in some of the nation’s fastest-growing career […]

Homeschooling Teen – April 2017

Happy April! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at HomeschoolingTeen.com! —————————— Homeschooling Teen Profile Lizzy LeDuc: Filipino-American Gymnast Lizzy found that being homeschooled was an advantage when she became a serious gymnast. —————————— Homeschool Friendly College Bryan College: Christ Above All Bryan College, a highly ranked, fully accredited Christian liberal arts college […]

Homeschooling Teen – April 2016

Happy April! The current issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at HomeschoolingTeen.com! The featured homeschool graduate this month is Jamie Grace, whose uplifting messages inspire young people who have Tourette’s and other struggles. Illinois Valley Community College helps homeschoolers transition from high school to college. Looking for a literature elective? The Art of Poetry […]

Homeschooling Teen – April 2015

HAPPY APRIL! This is our largest issue yet, with a total of 25 articles! The featured homeschool teen of the month is recording artist Katie Flemming. The homeschool-friendly college of the month is Trident University International, ranked as “Most Affordable Online College.” If you love the theatre or are an aspiring actor, be sure to […]

Homeschooling Teen Magazine – April 2014

Happy April! We have lots of great articles for you this month at HomeschoolingTeen.com! From Missions and Music, to Money Management and much more– you’re sure to find something of interest! In This Issue: Homeschooling Teen Profile Effie Carlson: The New Elephant in the Room Homeschooled until college, Effie is a small business owner and […]

Laughter, Tears, and Our Teen Years

By McKennaugh Kelly April makes us all think of spring, doesn’t it? And spring usually makes us think of gardens—and gardens make me think of my mother, who makes me think of anything eco. Okay, now you know where this article’s going. In Pennsylvania, you can’t really plant until after May, or else your garden […]