Professor David Clements: “LET MY PEOPLE GO” Documentary

Let My People Go

David Clements, a former lawyer and a former assistant professor at New Mexico State University, is known for his unwavering advocacy of election integrity. Clements has produced a documentary titled “LET MY PEOPLE GO,” which critically examines the important topic of election integrity in the United States.


“LET MY PEOPLE GO” is a modern-day deliverance story rooted in biblical themes and archetypes, but instead of examining the bondage of the children of Israel by Pharoah, the film focuses on the bondage of the American people. “Pharoah” is replaced by a wholly infiltrated and weaponized U.S. government directly and indirectly influenced by CCP and Marxist forces. The film presents two overlapping narratives of America’s enslavement. The first form of slavery is achieved using proprietary “black boxes” and software, where swamp candidates are selected rather than elected. Massive ballot harvesting operations provide the paper trail to cover up the greatest crime in our nation’s history—the removal of Donald J. Trump. The second form of slavery focuses on the real-life consequences of the Americans who gathered and protested the theft of their votes on November 3rd—the January Sixers—who now languish in prison.

A film brought to you by slaves.

A film the captured media will not report on.

A film that no political party wants you to see.



The two-hour documentary starts with an infomercial about how safe and secure our elections are. The rest of the time is used to debunk every point made in the first ten minutes!

Through interviews, analysis, and investigative reporting, “LET MY PEOPLE GO” sheds light on the challenges faced by voters. This documentary is essential viewing for all American citizens.

“LET MY PEOPLE GO” features interviews with prominent experts who investigated the 2020 election and raised concerns about election integrity. Here are some of the key interviewees:

  • Jeffrey Lenberg – A former Sandia National Labs nation-state vulnerability expert.
  • Dr. Walter Daugherity – A renowned computer scientist.
  • Joe Hoft – A CPA, auditor, and author of “The Steal” trilogy.
  • Draza Smith – A former Sandia National Labs Cyber/Grid security expert.
  • Harry Haury – A Cyber Security Systems Expert and co-author of the Help America Vote Act.
  • Joe Oltmann – A System Architecture Expert and Tech CEO.
  • Col. Shawn Smith (ret.) – Former Senior Military Evaluator for Space, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems in the U.S. Air Force.
  • Clay Parihk – An election systems testing expert and whistleblower.

As you can see, these aren’t a bunch of conspiracy theorists, they are qualified professionals in the field! Many others are also featured in the film.

The expert interviews in the documentary “LET MY PEOPLE GO” reveal several significant findings and provide valuable insights related to election integrity:

  • Vulnerabilities in Election Systems – Experts like Jeffrey Lenberg, Dr. Walter Daugherity, and Draza Smith highlight vulnerabilities in the U.S. election system. These vulnerabilities include potential weaknesses in voting machines, software, and cybersecurity.
  • Concerns About the 2020 Election – Joe Hoft discusses concerns raised during the 2020 election, such as irregularities, mail-in ballots, and the handling of votes.
  • Whistleblowers and Evidence – Clay Parihk and Joe Oltmann share evidence and insights from their experiences. They discuss anomalies, statistical analyses, and claims related to the election outcome.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Professors David and Erin Clements, a husband and wife team, have co-authored a definitive vulnerability assessment based on numerous audits conducted in New Mexico and research in other jurisdictions. Their work sheds light on potential issues in the election process.

Professor Clements has stated that “LET MY PEOPLE GO” endeavors to connect all the dots about the rigged machines and software, from input to output. Incidentally, he has paid a high personal price for his patriotism: he lost his job as a Professor of Law, has endured multiple complaints seeking to strip him of his law license, and was ostracized by the establishment as an “Election Denier.”

Query: If “election deniers” are all nothing but (crazy or crazed) “conspiracy theorists,” then why the extraordinary efforts to cancel, to economically destroy them? Instead, wouldn’t it be more effective to discredit them by proving that they’re factually incorrect? The actions taken against “election deniers” is consistent with folks working to suppress uncomfortable truths, not folks defending truth. –Thomas C. Wigand, author of Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

“LET MY PEOPLE GO” provides critical information that the mainstream media overlooks, ignores, and even censors. Concerned Americans will appreciate all of the expert interviews and the critical examination of vulnerabilities in the U.S. election system. This documentary emphasizes the importance of restoring and safeguarding election integrity, and the need for transparent and secure voting systems in order to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

Just as The Sound of Freedom brought a compelling exposé of the horrors of human trafficking home in a manner approachable to the general public, “LET MY PEOPLE GO” has high production quality and – in an entertaining but simultaneously approachable manner – viewers can only conclude that our current election system(s) is actually designed to be fraudulent.

Watch it and see for yourself! You can watch it for FREE on YouTube or Rumble.

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Official “LET MY PEOPLE GO” Full Documentary

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