Homeschooling Rates Continue to Surge – And For Good Reason

It seems like every election season, taxpayers are hounded to pass another budget override to fund local school districts. More and more money has been dumped into public education, year after year, and the quality of public education only gets worse.

Homeschooling is the way to go!

COVID-19 was only one factor that drove families away from public schools, with the number of homeschool students having tripled since the start of the pandemic. Post-COVID, homeschooling is still the fastest-growing form of education in the US, according to a Washington Post analysis. There are several reasons for this.


The public school system has become our country’s biggest enemy, destroying the traditional values of American culture from within. Wacky liberal teachers push their political agenda onto impressionable young students, and radical teachers’ unions use kids as pawns in their power plays. Homeschool parents are relieved to have their children escape the far-left political indoctrination that dominates today’s K-12 public education classrooms.


Martin Luther warned that if Christ was taken out of education, schools would become the gates of hell. Those strong words were spoken way back in the year 1537, but consider what is taking place in public schools today with the daily promotion of the LGBT agenda, obscene books in school libraries, drag queen story hours, and pushing young children into gender transitioning — not to mention students as young as 12 being sexually abused by their teachers! God delegated the authority and responsibility to teach and raise children to the parents. A rapidly growing number of families are opting to educate their children at home, rather than send their children to an ungodly public school.


Student safety is another major issue. In the name of racial equity, discipline is now discriminatory, and the result is increasingly unsafe schools. Even more alarming, children and teenagers are forced to share a bathroom or a locker room with students of the opposite sex who declare a gender identity in conflict with their biological sex. Loudoun County, Virginia, is one of many examples of sexual assaults on minors by peers on their school campus during the school day. Parents also cite the increase in school shootings as a reason to keep their kids home.


The decline of academic standards is another concern. Traditional learning is being replaced by critical race theory divisiveness and woke academics. The dumbing down of education means that advanced classes and gifted and talented programs — supposedly a bastion of “white privilege” — face removal in the name of “equity,” squashing enthusiasm and denying high performers the opportunity to reach their full learning potential. Furthermore, graduation requirements are lessened — again in the name of equity. But what value is a high school diploma if fundamental learning is not accomplished? Today, more than 71 percent of students lack basic academic proficiency at the end of their K-12 school years.

Freedom of Speech

A 16-year-old student at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina was suspended for three days last week after using the term “illegal alien” during a vocabulary assignment in his English class. The student, whose name has not been publicly released at this time, asked his teacher to clarify which meaning of the vocabulary word “alien” she was referring to. Specifically, he sought to understand whether she meant “space aliens” or “illegal aliens without green cards”. The situation escalated when another student took offense to the question and threatened to fight the student. The teacher called in the assistant principal to de-escalate the situation, and it was ultimately decided that the student’s question was “offensive” and “disrespectful” to Hispanic students. The student defended himself, stating that he was merely asking for clarification and that the term “illegal alien” is an actual term used in news articles and can be found in the dictionary. Despite this, he received a three-day suspension for “racism.” This incident highlights the complexities of the English language and the absurdity of woke culture. It’s always a good idea to define terms before speaking on any subject, so you know everyone’s on the same page. This is especially true for terms that can be interpreted in various ways, right? But now that’s not allowed? In an English class??? One more reason to homeschool!

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  1. What an amazing article!

    It’s beyond terrible and even evil, what the public indoctrination camps are doing to our youth. It’s all for a sick reason, too. They want us ignorant and uneducated; so as a society, we’re fat, sick, overly medicated, docile,dependant and obedient.

    Thank God we have the freedoms to educate our children at home!

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